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Friday, September 6 2002

Blood: The Last Vampire (2000)

Blood: The Last Vampire is precisely the standard to which all adult-oriented animation should rightfully aspire.

Thursday, September 5 2002

Various Artists: California Dreamin’

A disturbingly high proportion of 2002’s myriad downtempo, chill-out or lounge compilations have a distinct aroma of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s to them.

Silverchair: Diorama

Pity poor Silverchair. Despite the fact that they’ve now released three albums since their debut smash, the prepubescent grunge-fest Frogstomp, the band still can’

Darren Hanlon: Hello Stranger

When one thinks Australian balladeer, one first thinks of Paul Kelly. But there’s a new star on that continent’s horizon—one Darren Hanlon

Gene: Libertine

The music industry is an ideal setting for testing Darwin’s theories of natural selection. To survive, you have to be strong (U2) and you

Counting Crows: Hard Candy

When Counting Crows first exploded into stardom in 1994, they fit nicely into a roots-rock niche that included breakout work by Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews

Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Coldplay was a pleasant sleeper success in the UK in 2000, and proceeded to do the unthinkable, exploding onto North

Tony Bennett: The Essential Tony Bennett

Still going strong past his retirement age, Tony Bennett is one of those crooners who have not suffered from the simple fact of being a

Wednesday, September 4 2002

Outrageous Cherry: The Book of Spectral Projections

Outrageous Cherry is connected to half the bands in Detroit, especially through lead singer/songwriter Matthew Smith. He’s produced the Go (Jack White’s

New Found Glory: Sticks and Stones

It’s difficult to find new things to say about bands like New Found Glory. Blink 182, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, and other purveyors of punk-lite

Low: Trust

With their first record in 1994, Low opened a door to an undiscovered musical universe, one they continue to inhabit largely alone. There really isn’t

James Cotton: The 35th Anniversary Jam

For years, James Cotton has been synonymous with harmonica excellence. His latest release erases any doubt for blues fans about who stands at the head

Cursive/Eastern Youth: Eight Teeth to Eat You

Their 2000 release, Cursive’s Domestica cemented Omaha, Nebraska-based foursome Cursive’s status as one of the best bands currently operating in the post-punk idiom. Domestica

Berlin: Voyeur

Has any band in the history of music (okay, I realize this sounds like major hyperbole, but stick with me) ever suffered such a significant

Boxcar Racer: self-titled

Blink 182 have always struck me as the band version of Matthew McConaughey’s character from the movie Dazed and Confused: the one who spends his

Beth Orton

Beth OrtonPhoto credit: Valerie Philips Beth Orton walks out briskly, lithe and rail-thin, but with a grin and stride that betray a healthy diet or


There are leaders and there are followers, innovators and thieves, creative businessmen and swindlers. Music acts are no different. Watching Of a Revolution (O.A


Sitting in The Paramount Theater for a concert, one feels like a nocturnal worshipper slipping into a gilded cathedral to hear the best preacher in

Enon + The Bloodthirsty Lovers

I don’t think Enon set out to become an indie-rock supergroup, but it seems that that’s what they’ve become. I can almost

Dropkick Murphys

“Let’s go Mur-phys, Lets Go Mur-phys,” roared the rambunctious crowd at the 2002 Pepsi Irish Fest in New York! It so happens that this festival

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