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Wednesday, August 14 2002

eBay's business model has always been deceptively simple: low overhead, narrow focus, top-to-bottom accountability, and most of all, paying attention to its customers. In other words, conservatism. Radical.

Chopper's simple message rests in the fact that we shouldn't discriminate against people, even if they are they freakish son of the town whore.

Not only does he dig into a fine array of the social, cultural, economic, racial, and obviously athletic issues of those 12 years, giving us an often hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking, and almost always vigorous narrative of baseball and the lives of baseball players, but this narrative also establishes an accessible and important doorway for modern baseball folks to walk through.

Tuesday, August 13 2002

The The: RPM: The Singles of The The

Lovingly kept on the outskirts of mainstream, but peeking in just enough to garner critical acclaim and praise for his vision and tastes, Matt Johnson

Mary Mary: Incredible

Gospel is a wide-ranging genre that rolls up enthusiasm, populism, energy, sweat, and joy into a rich choral form that sets butterflies loose in even

Peggy Lee: The Best of Peggy Lee (Millennium Collection)

In 1941, Benny Goodman discovered Peggy Lee in a Chicago club. Impressed as much by her silver-coated voice as her elegant stage demeanor, he hired the 2

Fear Factory: Concrete

In a world where honesty is less than supreme, I’ve decided to add a little truth. For all you death-metal mongers, this is first

Farrah: Moustache

The “skinny tie” era of British pop calls to mind some very good times. Things were simpler, the harmonies flowed and there was no shortage

Dwindle: Expectance/Acceptance

For some reason, I feel a certain kinship with Minneapolis band Dwindle. I’ve been following them from the get-go, and always feel a little

Blackalicious: Blazing Arrow

In a record store not so long ago, I noticed the latest from El-P, Fantastic Damage, sitting on a shelf. A sticker on the front

Monday, August 12 2002

Muddy Waters: The Real Folk Blues/More Real Folk Blues

Muddy Waters came to Chicago in 1943, but didn’t have a hit recording until 1948’s “I Can’t Be Satisfied”. He learned his craft from

Peter Tosh: reissues

Every music writer has his or her favorite Underrated Artist, and mine happens to be Peter Tosh. I should probably pick someone more obscure for

31 Knots: A Word Is Also a Picture of a Word

They say first impressions are always important. I say first impressions are bogus. At least in this music business. For one could take a listen

16 Horsepower: Folklore

16 Horsepower is, in seven sentence fragments or less: pure bluegrass. Johnny Cash. A midnight field, full moon. The crackle of campfire on a dark mountainside.

Liars: They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top

Led by too much hype and too little talent, New York’s rock ‘n’ roll scene—the one that had been dead for a while—

Danny Frankel: Vibration of Sound

It is almost worth buying this record simply to disprove the claim that, in this increasingly corporate age, individualised, experimental music is a thing of

Calliope: Braille

On Braille, Calliope’s fourth album, the Michigan quartet tries to throw in a good bit of everything. There’s folky twang, melodic pop sheen,

Bis: Plastique Nouveau

People who watch The Cartoon Network regularly listen to Bis; they’re the band playing the theme song to the Powerpuff Girls. With the wonderfully

Friday, August 9 2002

XXX (2002)

Xander is a bad ass with a heart of gold.

24 Hour Party People (2001)

Tony Wilson lived for the explosive moment.

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