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Monday, January 15 2001

The Bellrays: Grand Fury

It’s a rare but exhilarating occasion when you put on a new CD and are utterly blown away by what you hear. Every now

Sunday, January 14 2001

Chewy Marble: Bowl of Surreal

Brian Kassan, one third of the outfit Chewy Marble, is a pianist. He doesn’t just play piano. He understands the myriad of notes that

Monday, January 8 2001

    St. Christopher: Golden Blue

Saint Christopher died a martyr in Asia Minor in the third century. The legend that grew up about him in the Middle Ages was that

Groove Collective: It’s All In Your Mind

Six tunes into this album and the easy mix of Afrobeat, jazzfunk Lonnie Liston Smith style, Brazilian flavours and dancefloor beats has you shuffling along

The Beauty Shop: Yr Money Or Yr Life

The last decade or so has seen a rise in country-flavored music that carries with it a sense of the American heartland, yet doesn’t

Monday, January 1 2001

California Oranges: self-titled

When the California Oranges’ self-titled debut opens, we find vocalist/guitarist John Conley at home by himself, lonely, seeking comfort with his “favorite crutch”: the

Monday, December 11 2000

    Silver Scooter: Goodbye EP

Austin, Texas still is a mystery to me as a Northerner. I’m always somewhat skeptical of American indie bands, as for years I’ve

    Kosmik Kommando: Laptop Dancing

In explaining what makes great electronic music, I often silently find myself analogizing to spicy food. For me the best electronic music either takes fire

Cypress Hill: Live at the Fillmore

Live hip-hop albums are relatively rare, an odd fact considering that hip-hop started entirely in a live setting. It seems that the only groups to

Monday, December 4 2000

    Roger Waters: In the Flesh

Reflecting on that incident in 1995, Waters commented, “success overtook us . . . we were playing in football stadiums. The magic, crushed beneath the weight of numbers. We

Alice in Chains: Live

While detractors busily attempt to hammer the final nail into the coffin that is Alice in Chains, the band’s devoted following still hold out

Thursday, November 30 2000

    Paved Country: Deconstructing Paradise

Paved Country, a band from Cambridge, play multiple guitar-laden music that I’d sooner call lovely than I’d label it as country, folk, or

    Richard Lloyd: The Cover Doesn’t Matter

Richard Lloyd holds one of rocks greatest resumes. As a member of the preeminent punk/art band Television, he and Tom Verlaine created a magical

Monday, November 27 2000

The Doors: The Bright Midnight Sampler

Jim Morrison’s legacy makes it easy to forget that the Doors were primarily a pop band.

Boards of Canada: In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

 Boards of Canada Music Has The Right To Children(Matador/Warp/Skam)US release date: 22 September 1998 20 April 1998 by Shailesh Rao boardsofcanada-in.jpg :. e-mail this

Thursday, November 23 2000

    Andras Jones: A Curmudgeon for All Seasons

Andreas Jones is a touring musician, a promoter, radio host, and actor (he perused a 14-year-old Drew Barrymore in Far From Home, was Kruger-Fu-Ed in

Monday, November 20 2000

Neil Young, Friends & Relatives: Road Rock Volume 1

You have to ask yourself if the world really needs another live Neil Young release at this point. It might be redundant, and it might smack somewhat of contractual obligations, but Road Rock Vol. 1 will of course please completists.

    Various Artists: Acid Jam 2

Before Acid Jam 2 there was, predictably enough, the original Acid Jam. In 1988, Nick Saloman, the one-man epicenter of latter-day British psychedelia (co-boss of Woronzow Records,

    Wu-Tang Clan: The W

A new Wu-Tang Clan album arrives to a flood of high expectations. Not only did their debut album and many of the members’ early solo

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: SRV

In his all too brief career, Stevie Ray Vaughan, by virtue of being a true master of the guitar, achieved several things that most musicians

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