Fleetwood Mac: Tusk (Deluxe Edition)

Fleetwood Mac: Tusk (Deluxe Edition)

By Matthew Fiander

Despite popular narratives, Tusk isn't all druggy, unabashed excess. Instead, this new sets shows the record as a deeply self-conscious document, the sound of a band that didn't rebel against success so much as it misunderstood the privilege it brings. 12 Feb 2016 // 2:30 AM

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13 May 2005 // 12:00 AM

Kicking & Screaming (2005)

Mike Ditka has the most fun here, announcing to his young charges, 'I eat quitters for breakfast and I spit out their bones.'"

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13 May 2005 // 12:00 AM

Bullet Boy (2004)

Bullet Boy begins by the stylized violence book: a boy, locked in the boot of a moving car, uses a key-ring torch to get an idea of his surroundings.

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	Ben Folds: Songs for Silverman

A disarmingly mature Ben Folds imparts his nuggets of easily digestible wisdom on the masses. The masses shrug.

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12 May 2005 // 12:00 AM


The rudiments of the game are very simple: drive the tank, line up enemy tanks in the crosshairs, and fire the cannon.

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The Partisans of Vilna (1986) - PopMatters Film Review

The Partisans of Vilna allows viewers to enter the Vilna ghetto and the lives of its youthful defenders.

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	Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Dub

Men with funny names and sound effects, changing the world. The one dub CD every music fan should own.

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	Zion I: True & Livin’

Third coming of Oakland duo serves up an accomplished spread for the heart and head. Revolution not included in tin instructions, but not really missed, either.

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	Sonny Stitt: It’s Magic

One of the great saxophonists at his most easily lyrical, with a sensitive bebop organist. The performance could be called undemanding, but also both unusually relaxed and exceptionally relaxing.

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11 May 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Spoon: Gimme Fiction

Fifth full-length from Austin indie luminary is, simply put, a triumph.

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	Silvercord: Chasing Broken Shadows [EP]

Minimalist drone dream music: it's psychedelic, it's cinematic, it's very, very calm. It's also surprisingly good.

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Violin Virtuoso L. Subramaniam Mesmerizes in Rare New York Performance (Photos)

// Notes from the Road

"Co-presented by the World Music Institute, the 92Y hosted a rare and mesmerizing performance from India's violin virtuoso L. Subramaniam.

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