Theres Something Oddly Comforting in Chris Oliveros' Futile Tale

There’s Something Oddly Comforting in Chris Oliveros' Futile Tale

By Hans Rollman

The Envelope Manufacturer is a light parable on the ravages of neoliberal capitalism. 11 Feb 2016 // 8:00 AM

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11 Jul 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails

Boy Robot seems stranded between the heavy computerized punch of Daft Punk and the melancholy of Boards of Canada, with a good bit of Autechre's mechanistic precision thrown in for good measure.

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Billy Corgan is the Goth Peter Pan: Instead of a youthful, nymph-like spirit, he possesses a bottomless well-spring of teenage angst.

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11 Jul 2005 // 12:00 AM

30 Days

Honestly, no one does sympathetic smarm better than this mustachioed master (Morgan Spurlock).

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11 Jul 2005 // 12:00 AM

Dancing with the Stars

More than anything, Dancing with the Stars highlights the questionable use of the term 'star'.

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11 Jul 2005 // 12:00 AM

Table For Five (1983)

Watching this 1983 tearjerker anew is a jarring, surprising experience.

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11 Jul 2005 // 12:00 AM

Gunner Palace (2004)

'Maybe this whole war thing wasn't even true,' says Spc. Wilf. 'Maybe it's all burned into my mind now.'"

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	Various Artists: Kalk Seeds: A Karaoke Kalk Compilation

Quite possibly the single most eclectic label compilation ever in the history of the human race.

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10 Jul 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Xiu Xiu: La Foret

Trust Jamie Stewart to deliver the Feel-Bad Hit of the Summer.

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	Bobby Valentino: self-titled

Don't mistake this Valentino for the old-time heartthrob named Rudy. The less than talented Bobby doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence.

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	Nine Black Alps: Nine Black Alps EP

The NEXT next big thing in Rock? I doubt it.

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//Mixed media

Double Take: 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' (1969)

// Short Ends and Leader

"The two Steves at Double Take are often mistaken for Paul Newman and Robert Redford; so it's appropriate that they shoot it out over Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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