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Monday, September 18 2000

    Little Feat: Hotcakes and Outtakes

The greatest American rock band, if such a beast can be captured, wasn’t The Doors—Morrison’s putrid poetry hasn’t aged well, and

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek: Reflection Eternal

Talib Kweli belongs to an ever-growing legion of young hip-hoppers who celebrate the roots of the music while melding it with neo-soul rhythms and a

Damien Jurado: Ghost of David

This is the kind of recording that Paul Simon and Neil Young used to release. You know…the kind of songs that glow like a

The Go-Betweens: The Friends of Rachel Worth

What a difference a decade makes. Or not, as the case may be, at least when it comes to a new Go-Betweens records. Last heard

EC8OR: The One and Only High and Low

EC8OR are some angry kids, that’s for sure. What they’re angry about, though, is a little harder to figure out. Like Atari

Terri Clark: Fearless

Country sensation Terri Clark has done a lot of growing up since debuting in the genre five years ago. On her latest endeavor, Fearless, the

Sunday, September 17 2000

The Marshmallow Coast: Marshmallow Coasting

“Audience Is Listening,” the opening track of The Marshmallow Coast’s latest offering, Marshmallow Coasting, may be the most bizarre mini-intro ever committed to disc.

Thursday, September 14 2000


's performance at Towson's Recher Theatre, not even as the band opened their set with 45 minutes of music from Mermaid Avenue, the two-volume collection of unfinished Woody Guthrie songs that Tweedy and co-collaborator Billy Bragg put to music.

Deep Dish: Renaissance Ibiza

“It’s for people who are not too happy, for people who are in touch with the evil side of themselves…so all the happy

Monday, September 11 2000

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Symbolic

You get a general inkling as to the nature of this record when the opening cut, ““We’re Back” features a rant from Guttermouth’s

    Tom Tom Club: The Good the Bad and the Funky

While Tom Tom Club began as a side project for Talking Heads’ rhythm section Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, it has become the couple’s

Tidewater Grain: Here on the Outside

Tidewater Grain adds a bit of heart and integrity into the hard rock scene, and that’s refreshing compared to the ever growing Korn and

The Softies: Holiday in Rhode Island

Sigh. The Softies. Sometimes, it’s so great to know exactly what you’re getting in a band. Take the Butthole Surfers, or the Beastie

Supershine: self-titled

Doug Pinnick is certainly no stranger to side projects. The King’s X bassist/vocalist has been somewhat of a hot commodity in rock music

The Sound of Urchin: self-titled

It’s impossible to take The Sound of Urchin seriously, but you’re probably not supposed to. Lacking in any sort of solemnity, The Sound

Joan Osborne: Righteous Love

The first time I turned on the radio and heard “St. Theresa,” (the opening track off Osborne’s 1995 release, Relish) I felt branded for life.

Robert Nighthawk: Live on Maxwell Street 1964 (Deluxe Edition)

This rare recording of Robert Nighthawk on Maxwell Street in 1964, just like the Maxwell Street of today, is clouded by controversy. You can read about

    i5: self-titled

The latest in pre-packaged, good looking girl groups is i5, a group of five Spice Girl wannabes put together by Giant Records. Although all five

The Hives: Veni Vidi Vicious

I’m convinced that there’s something about Veni Vidi Vicious, that illicits borderline personality. One minute I’m singing its praises to everyone I

Favez: Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Favez is nothing revolutionary. They play straightforward, honest alternative rock, and that’s it. They don’t experiment with sound or deviate from the standard

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