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Saturday, December 31 1994

Godspeed You Black Emperor: Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

There comes a point in any band’s career where a signature sound risks becoming predictable cliche. Let’s take Godspeed You Black Emperor for

The Gentle Waves, The Green Fields of Foreverland…

Isobel Campbell earns her keep playing cello and singing in Belle & Sebastian, but like Stuart David (Looper) she’s got ambitions beyond the confines

Gluecifer: Get the Horn

Forged in the flames of Norse rock ‘n’ roll mythos, Gluecifer emerge victors in the never-ending battle of good versus bad music. Despite their less-than-spectacular

gob: The World According to . . . gob

Before I say anything else, there is one thing we need to get straight here: I am, how shall we say it, somewhat opinionated. “Strong-minded”

Gay Dad, Leisure Noise

Ahh. . .the kooky British and their orgasmic hype. Will they ever stop? Let’s hope not, at least for the sake of interest and variety

Grand Theft Audio: Blame Everyone

Talking about the recording of Blame Everyone, Grand Theft Audio vocalist Jay Butler says: “We didn’t want to make an album that makes people

Grand Tourism: self-titled

Just when the electronic music scene begins to seem over-saturated with French acts that seem to do little more than ride the coattails of Air,

Andy Gibb: The Best of Andy Gibb

There was a time in the late 1970s, when the Bee Gees (i.e. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb) had the Midas touch. Everything turned

Stephane Grappelli, Live

Perhaps the greatest jazz violinist ever, Stephane Grappelli got his start in 1920s Paris, playing in movie theaters and in dance bands. With Django Reinhardt,

The Ghastly Ones: A-Haunting We Will Go-Go

Exterior shot of Laguna Beach at night. It’s high tide beneath a full, cloud-shrouded moon and the waves are monstrous, exploding like thunder as

Gifthorse, Excess, Lies, and Heather’s Arrest

The corruption of “alternative” music is difficult to deny these days. A genre that was pioneered by the likes of the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr.,

Gran Torino: Gran Torino Two

As much as synthesis of musical backgrounds can add to bands, there is always the danger of becoming too derivative. For Knoxville, Tennessee’s Gran

The Gladstones: Headlines and Pictures

I don’t know. I’ve had this disc for a while now and listened to it on and off for the past few weeks

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Spanish Dance Troup

Back in the heady days of Britpop, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci was conveniently lumped into the scene by lazy music scribes looking for any guitar

Ruben Gonzales: Chanchullo

The now famous Cuban pianist Ruben Gonzalez has done it again. At 83 he gives the world a new Cuban album that shouldn’t be missed.

Grade: Under the Radar

I was fully prepared to dislike this. However, the ancient maxim, “never judge a band by its name” came firmly into play with Grade. Following

Gene: As Good As It Gets - The Best of Gene

Ah, those damned record companies. Always trying to make a buck on the deceased . . . and the non-deceased as well. Polydor Records dumped Britpop band Gene

The Good Life: Novena on a Nocturn

The Good Life’s Tim Kasher thinks Novena on a Nocturn is better than it is. He seems to think poetry and starlit songs are

The Grievous Angels, Miles on the Rail

Named for a classic Gram Parsons album, Tempe, Arizona’s Grievous Angels stomp through a tour-de-force of Bakersfield honky-tonk that would make Buck Owens and

Frog Holler: Idiots

AAlthough Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, seems an unlikely place to start a bluegrass band, it’s the home of Frog

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