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Thursday, November 28 2002

Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror

I’ll be honest. I don’t know shit about pop music. Actually, I know as much as anyone who spent his/her formative years

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

S E T    L I S T Broken Imaginary TimeInfra RiotMind the GapStill AgingThe FloodTonightInstant Repeater ‘99NevermoreSister Surround21st Century Ripoff ENCOREVeinsGalaxyDow Jones


Perhaps I should have realized something when my flat was robbed a few years ago and the only CD left behind was Pink’s Can’

The Music

Sometimes it’s difficult to capture the power of performance through writing. There’s something inherently silly about using words to illustrate the way a

Jump, Little Children

There are so many things that I can’t believe about tonight. I can’t believe that, having passed the quarter century mark only a

Division of Laura Lee

Smack dab in the middle of what appears to be a Swedish invasion, Gothenburg’s Division of Laura Lee insist that no, they are not

Badly Drawn Boy

There are certain things you come to expect at a rock and roll concert. Chances are, the band is going to mention that your hometown

Monday, November 25 2002

Jaheim: Still Ghetto

The common thinking has always been that “thugs” are somehow outside of the mainstream of the places and spaces where they prey. Real thugs don’

Sunday, November 24 2002

Radar Brothers: And the Surrounding Mountains

Los Angeles, California, the life-in-the-fast-lane hotbed of culture that houses the Slash-less, plastic surgery-impaired reincarnation of Guns ‘n’ Roses, the pseudo-swank celebrity-lined rows cheering basketball’

Catherine Irwin: Cut Yourself a Switch

Catherine Irwin may benefit from the current mainstream appreciation of bluegrass music fueled by the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, but she’s certainly

Fontanelle: Style Drift

I bet I might have liked Fontanelle in college. Their comfortably experimental vibe is a none- too-dangerous concoction of influences from Stereolab to Curtis Mayfield,

Epicycle: Swirl

Sometimes you need to hear something different. In a world overpopulated with soundalike bands that refuse to make any demands on a listener, and radio

All-Time Quarterback: self-titled

Bellingham, Washington, may not initially seem the type of place one would associate with being a hotbed of indie-pop. Twenty minutes south of the Canadian

The Agenda: Start the Panic

In 1996 there was a band called The Delta 72 who released a little known album The R&B of Membership on Touch & Go Records.

Thursday, November 7 2002

Various Artists: Antifolk Vol. 1

For all the talk about the “New York scene” these days, the truth is that there are actually many scenes going on all at the

Various Artists: Afrotech / Dream Therapy / Dub Selector 2 / Nordic Exposure

The Dating Game, Quango Style I’m sitting in my chair with four new Quango comps before me. I know I have to choose one

The Streets: Original Pirate Material

And if Skinner isn’t an innovator, he is at least one of the most endearing musical personalities to come along in many years: he’s tough but vulnerable, slangy but somehow correct, down with the homeys but strangely removed from it all.

Run-DMC: Greatest Hits

The memory is still quite vivid—I was the last one in the prom night limo, traveling across Queen Blvd. en route to the bridge

Nas: Lost Tapes

When you’re hot, you’re hot. After swimming in commercial mediocrity for years, Nas continues to ride the wave of success generated by a

Thelonious Monk: Monk’s Dream / Monk. / At Newport 1963 & 1965

By the time Thelonious Monk appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 1964, anointed as the cool weird slightly scary jazzbo that it was okay

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