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Wednesday, July 31 2002

A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla by Nick Fowler

But while the conditions and circumstances that afflict the characters are strange, their agonies, of loneliness and alienation, are universal; and Fowler's story aches with a hurt many people, who've loved and lost, should recognize.

Power Plays: Win or Lose—How History’s Great Political Leaders Play the Game by Dick Morris - Pop

... if you don't have natural charm, you sure aren't going to pick it up from a pedantic, dull as dirt book like 'Power Plays'.

Do No Harm by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz

Everyone involved will undoubtedly make shameful amounts of money from this splendid example of western decadence without ever questioning the ethics of what they've done.

Alan Ayckbourn: Grinning at the Edge by Paul Allen

The reader is left with a strong sense of the often violent pressures that build up in situations demanding extreme commitment for little financial reward, and how these pressures can affect individuals as well as teams of people.

Tuesday, July 30 2002

Dolly Parton: Halos and Horns

Although it might seem strange, Dolly Parton’s return to her roots was something of a risk. The first record of her bluegrass trilogy, The

Archer Prewitt: Three

Once synonymous with the post-rock hybrid and its indulges into pretentious mechanics, the Thrill Jockey label has shed itself of its countless Tortoise side-project excursions

Interpol: The Interpol EP

With this EP, Interpol prove that they are more than ready to take the title of most important band and run with it.

Kenny Garrett: Happy People

LListening to Kenny Garrett’s sweet-tough sax on Happy Days, his seventh outing for Warners, it is tempting to speculate on what might have happened

Jay Bennett and Edward Burch: The Palace at 4am (Part I)

Let’s be clear about a couple of things. First, this article is about Jay Bennett, Edward Burch, and their intriguing debut album, The Palace

Aloha: Sugar

Described so astutely by an All Music Guide reviewer as “that one band with the vibraphone”, Cleveland-based four-piece Aloha has gone through some interesting changes

Susanne Abbuehl: April

Swiss singer Susanne Abbuehl seems an artist ready made for ECM Records’ aesthetic—quiet, contemplative, romantic with a measure of melancholy, with an exquisitely beautiful

Monday, July 29 2002

The Velvet Underground & Nico: self-titled

What more needs to be said about The Velvet Underground’s first album, The Velvet Underground & Nico, that hasn’t been said already, countless

Pinebender: Too Good to be True

A few years back, Chicago trio Pinebender flew in straight outta left field and delivered one of the most intriguing, engaging records of 1998, Things Are

Eric Lichter: Palm Wine Sunday Blue

It’s always nice to find a soft-spoken CD that gets your attention with quirky details, e.g., unusual instrumentation, unexpected hooks, and pleasant melodies

Juba Collective: self-titled

The overall concept of the project emphasizes the importance of Dance and Groove in creative music. Dance music can incorporate many styles and approaches to

Freescha: Slower Than Church Music

The San Francisco duo of Nick Huntington and Michael McGroarty, better known as Freescha, shouldn’t throw a scare into the electronica scene. The sons

Dianogah: Millions of Brazilians

It is well known that the guitar is both the playboy and the drama queen of the rock world: it screams, wails, and weeps. Dianogah’

Greg Brown: Milk of the Moon

Getting to the heart of the matter has never been difficult for folk singer/songwriter Greg Brown. Maybe it has something to do with fact


Despite strong anti-war sentiments in the 60's, this war comic was extremely popular with audiences.

To Be Kurt, Not Short: A Three-Part Interview with Kurt Busiek

Kurt speaks with A. David Lewis about his relationship with Marvel Comics, the difference between history and continuity, and what 'truly' matters to the readers.

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