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Sunday, January 1 1995

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Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset

an expedition to comics' past in both structure and content.

PopMatters Comic Book Interview


Generations 2

If there is the comic book equivalent to a Diva, then it is certainly John Byrne.

Legion Lost

With its surprises and its determination to make a statement, 'Legion Lost' proclaims that, if nothing else, the Legionnaires are ultimately soldiers.


. . . heralded a revival of superhero characterization away from the dark, 'grim and gritty' legacy and back to the root concept of heroism.

Interview with Ron Lim - PopMatters Comics Interview

Ron Lim has been everywhere in the comic book universe, from Marvel Comic to DC Comics, from big publishers to new independents, from regular artist to freelancer. Now, as he looks at creator-owned properties, 'PopMatters' speaks with the prolific penciler and learns about what brought him into the superhero mainstream and where he feels these well-traveled ink rivers may lead.

Enemy Ace: War in Heaven

Von Hammer is still a German who kills Americans and America's allies. Yet, readers can admire Von Hammer for his courage and remarkable abilities. Therein lies the wonderful paradox of Enemy Ace.

Interview with Jamie Delano - PopMatters Comics Interview

Just recently, PopMatters had the opportunity to speak with renown comic book writer Jamie Delano.

100 Bullets

Created by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Edward Risso, '100 Bullets'' core premise, as revealed in the 'First Shot, Last Call' trade paperback, concerns the book's main protagonist, one Agent Graves.

Naughty Bits #1 (1999)

Comic books by women are not as rare as one might think. Despite the fetishized female found in too many male-authored comic books and the stereotype of comics as a boy's club, women have been involved in comics for decades.

Vesper / Valentine

Women with weapons, men with pens — it's a trend that recurs heavily in modern comics. Frequently, the minds behind today's strong, female characters are none other than men. While in general that may be a counter-intuitive relationship, women written and drawn almost exclusively by men, it's practically a given in the comics industry. Girls with guns, boys with brushes.

Sock Monkey Volume 3, 1-2

The resurrected character is a staple in the comic book industry. Jean Grey of the X-Men, Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Elektra Assassin and numerous others have all died only to be resurrected.

Interview with Walt Simonson - PopMatters Comics Interview

Just recently, PopMatters had the opportunity to speak with renown comic book writer Jamie Delano.

JLA (Justice League of America)

Continuity. It's as minor an everyday problem as watching a Cheers rerun one night where Woody Boyd is slinging drinks and the next night where his deceased predecessor Coach is alive, not giving a log about anybody named Woody.

Just a Pilgrim


Palooka-Ville #1 (10th anniversary edition) & #15


Truth, Justice, and the British Way

I understand roughly two-thirds of Superman's credo.


Busiek and Larsen's 'Defenders' stories are fast paced, fun, filled with links to the past of the Marvel Universe, and just good ol' superhero comics -- a rarity these days.

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