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Sunday, January 1 1995

Welcome to (Slightly Grubby) Heaven

The inspiration for this story came from Toby Tripp's experience working in the London Underground cleaning up the dead bodies of people who commit suicide by jumping on the tracks.

Hellboy: Box Full of Evil (1999)

I have a tendency to be impatient with gothic and Victorian subcultures. As a child I loved monster movies, loved Dracula, loved the idea of demons and haunted houses. But as I got older and watched these mythological and very old stories become subsumed into the world of role-playing games and bad rock and roll, I became bored, critical and a real scoffer.

Dori Stories: The Complete Dori Seda

At the time of her death in 1988, Dori Seda's work was widely published, having appeared in Wimmen's Comics, Weirdo, and Rip Off Comix, among others. Seda did her own one-shot comic book called Lonely Nights Comics, and was well-known in the San Francisco underground comix community, where she worked at Last Gasp, first as a janitor and eventually as their full-time bookkeeper.

Outlaw Nation

Quite simply, 'Outlaw Nation' represents the USA and while it's not evident how the analogy plays itself out at this early stage, it's clear that Delano is taking aim at the dark heart of America with this series.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1

There are no in-jokes, no 40 years of baggage or background, just an entertaining re-telling of the tale of Peter Parker and how he became the hero known as the Spider-Man.

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius

Winick has put together a story that not only appeals to our inner Beavis and Butthead, or to our inner mad scientist, but which also satisfies our desire to have fun stories which, over time, truly amount to something.

Ultimate X-Men

With Ultimate X-Men, what should be just another Marvel flop turns out to be one of the best books Marvel's published in a long time. Millar captures the essences of the new, improved X-Men with stunning accuracy while tweaking the characters' histories and personalities enough to succeed in new-millennial revitalization.

Long Time Relationship


Naughty Bits #31 (April 2000)

That theme of loss and heartache echoes throughout the issue.

2001 Third Eye Annual

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but rarely does it make for an interesting, original story.


This is not your father's Batgirl.

Tom Strong

Tom Strong, the title character of America's Best Comic's successful new book, is not a modern superhero.

Avengers Forever (1999)

Continuity. It's as minor an everyday problem as watching a Cheers rerun one night where Woody Boyd is slinging drinks and the next night where his deceased predecessor Coach is alive, not giving a log about anybody named Woody.

From Hell

We follow as Gull becomes a part of a girder running through English history.

9-11: Emergency Relief

This anthology might enrage you, or it might make you cry. With any luck it'll do both, and more -- because there is no single way to approach the aftermath of 9/11.

Love And Rockets #1-2 Volume 2



The concept of an insane, rogue killer has so totally permeated our society that it is standard fodder for fiction, non-fiction, drama, and even satire. What does it say about us as a society when we have become inured to the thought of such random violence and death?

DC Comics Replica Edition: 100-Page Super-Sectacular Love Stories

Hothead Paisan, quite frankly, takes no shit from anyone. She is an unapologetically homicidal lesbian out to destroy homophobes, racists, and men who abuse women.

The Crusades

The book, 'Crusades', might be trying to rescue comics from the humdrum and stagnant world into which they've fallen. But, like the Muslims, the reader finds that the saviors can be worse than the fate they're being saved from!.

Marvel Boy

Comic books have seen dramatic changes since the Marvel Comics Group hit the scene in the '60s. We've seen the growth of the adult comic book audience as well as the amazing influx of international comics.

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