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Sunday, January 1 1995

Just a Pilgrim


Palooka-Ville #1 (10th anniversary edition) & #15


Truth, Justice, and the British Way

I understand roughly two-thirds of Superman's credo.


Busiek and Larsen's 'Defenders' stories are fast paced, fun, filled with links to the past of the Marvel Universe, and just good ol' superhero comics -- a rarity these days.


Comic books don't all have to be about super-powered, spandex-wearing heroes, nor have half-naked, gargantuan-breasted women.

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1: Spider-Man & Wolverine

This comic is a fun ride, and sometimes that is all you need for 10 minutes of sheer entertainment!

Just Imagine Stan Lee . . .

DC Comics' series of 'Just Imagine . . .' one-shots written by the legendary Stan Lee answers the question of whether Lee still has what it takes to write comics. The short answer is: Yes. The long answer is: So what?

Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway

Despite the rich pedigree of the main character and the multitude of Hell-raised and -raising characters that inhabit DC's mature Vertigo line, no fanfare accompanies 'Lucifer'.

10th Annual Noise Pop Festival


High Sierra Music Festival Part 2 feat. Apollo Sunshine, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, The New Up, and Sh

High Sierra has its fair share of innocuous acts, sure, but in recent years the festival has also opened the door to some healthy aggression.

High Sierra Music Festival Part 1 feat. My Morning Jacket

You might well be on the road to Rivendell, Shangri-La, or maybe even Grandma's House.

Evolution—The Journey Tribute

Tribute acts are cover bands with sillier names -- the Achtung Babies or Fleetwood to the Max. They're music's C-list, sure, but can they really rock like the big boys?

Download Festival 2006 feat. Guns & Roses, Metallica, Tool, and Coheed and Cambria

Psychos, thieves, weirdos filling bottles with piss and throwing them into the crowd, this festival is not for boys in parachute pants. It's for metalheads.

Yes, Dear

'Yes, Dear' is a serviceable sitcom that, like most new shows, teeter-totters between doing things well and doing things badly.

The X-Files

After eight years of squishy monsters, labyrinthine conspiracies, and creepy adventures in inner and outer space, the most popular television sci-fi series in recent memory (shut up, trekkies) resorts to the obvious Christian imagery.

The X-Files

Scully took no grief from Mulder; she questioned him, disagreed with him, and stood up to him. With Doggett, however, there is a more traditional he/she split.

The X-Files

As Mulder seeks to confirm a universe of infinite possibilities, Scully attempts to reaffirm her faith in God -- the granddaddy of supernatural phenomena.

X-Men: Evolution

The teen X-Men interact in that magical place, high school, and get to drive cars and look fashionably funky (mandatory skater cuts for the guys and thumb rings for the girls) and do all those other things a kid would do in a parent-free environment.


Cameramen with chest-mounted cameras, wearing their own protective helmets, run pell-mell around the players shoving cameras into the huddles, pile-ups, and sidelines to create an up-close and personal 'feel' for viewers.

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