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Sunday, January 1 1995

El Diablo #1 & #2

And that, in the end, is the problem of 'El Diablo'. It's the new breed of western that we've already seen before. The 'adult' western has already become tired and needs a new sun-kissed wrinkle to distinguish it again.

Promethea: Book One

As a superheroine comic book, 'Promethea' brandishes the requisite amounts of action, but Moore also lays a solid intellectual foundation that's only heightened as the series progresses past this first collection.

The Punisher

With the Punisher series, Ennis suffers no illusions that he's making any statements on society or culture. After all, if the primary appeal of Superman is to see a man fly, then, at its most fundamental, the draw of the Punisher is to witness the 'punishment' of the predators and parasites of modern civilisation.


'User' depicts just one of the many forms in which this ancient quest can reveal itself in the modern age — an age in which we find ourselves continually creating new identities to cope with an sometimes disappointing existence.

Drawn and Quarterly, Vol. 4


Superman: Where Is Thy Sting?

In the end, 'Where Is Thy Sting?', which desires to convey the humanity of Superman, succeeds only in proving what an alien freakball he is. Watch your back, Lois.


With New God Orion regaining a sense of elevated profile through his membership in the popular 'Justice League of America', the DC Comics suits figured that Orion would be the best bet for a Fourth World revival. They turned to Simonson to helm it. So, would Simonson be able to succeed where so many before him have failed? In a word: yes!

The Sentry

Women with weapons, men with pens — it's a trend that recurs heavily in modern comics. Frequently, the minds behind today's strong, female characters are none other than men. While in general that may be a counter-intuitive relationship, women written and drawn almost exclusively by men, it's practically a given in the comics industry. Girls with guns, boys with brushes.

PopMatters Comic Book Feature

PopMatters Comic Book Feature by John Burnson - Marvel is succumbing to the

Midnight Nation

Despite its flaws 'Midnight Nation' could very well prove to be a good series. It has a fresh twist on the detective thriller which should play nicely into the current state of pop culture.

PopMatters Comic Book Feature

PopMatters Comic Book Feature by Anne Thalheimer - Doucet's work is not for the faint of heart . . . she does not shy away from the strange, the grotesque, the self-scathing . . . or the bodily. More often than not, she manages to mix them all up into one frightening, surreal, fabulous sequence.

Spider-Man: Lifeline

'Lifeline' fulfils its function admirably — a competently fashioned Spider-Man tale with awesome Steve Rude supplied eye candy.

Batman: Gotham Knights #1 (1999)

When millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne first began his career as the Batman in 1939, it was mentioned several times that, 'He always works alone.'

Waffen SS


Too Much Wolverine

Created by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Edward Risso, '100 Bullets'' core premise, as revealed in the 'First Shot, Last Call' trade paperback, concerns the book's main protagonist, one Agent Graves.

The Complete Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist

Hothead Paisan, quite frankly, takes no shit from anyone. She is an unapologetically homicidal lesbian out to destroy homophobes, racists, and men who abuse women.

Image Introduces . . . The Believer

The keyword must be Hope -- even as the story within The Believer has its guns dead-targeted on Guilt.

Avengers Forever

. . . a romp through the almost forty years of Marvel history with a wink of the eye and a determination to have it all make sense.

Cage #1

Cage was the first black character at Marvel to carry its own book. The unfortunate part was that it was a character created and developed by white men and, instead of showing 'relevance', was more of a joke to black readers.

9-11: Emergency Relief


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