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The United Symbolism of America by Robert Hieronimus and Laura Cortner

The symbols aren’t sinister -- we’ve just forgotten how to read them. These days, if something isn’t clear in a literal sense, it is inherently suspicious.

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11 Aug 2008 // 10:59 PM

The James Boys by Richard Liebmann-Smith

What if outlaw Jesse James and author Henry James were brothers?

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Ten Bad Dates with De Niro, by Richard T. Kelly

A serious (and quite often satiric) cinematic shopping list for moviegoers.

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10 Aug 2008 // 11:00 PM

Devil’s Cape

The burgeoning sub-genre of the superhero novel now has its best entry, and one that will set the standard for years to come.

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The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken eds. Jeffrey W. Robbins and Neal Magee

Religion, like politics, is often in the hands of the translator, and when that translation is in the interest of the person instead of the prophecy, something is amiss.

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7 Aug 2008 // 10:59 PM

Dear American Airlines

Written in the form of a consumer complaint letter, it doesn’t take long for the deficiencies of the airline to give way as an elegy emerges to a life slid asunder.

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Ska’d For Life: A Personal Journey With The Specials by Horance Panter

Horace Panter, bassist for second wave ska pioneers, The Specials, tells his tale with equal parts wit and class.

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6 Aug 2008 // 10:59 PM

The Book of Chameleons by Jose Eduardo Agualusa

Agualusa has been compared to Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino -- influences, alas, all too visible in his American debut.

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A Geisha’s Journey: My Life as a Kyoto Apprentice, by Komomo

More than a sumptuous picture book, this offers a rare visit to a fast-disappearing culture, and a respite of comfort and beauty.

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5 Aug 2008 // 10:59 PM

Havana Nocturne by T. J. English

When gangsters, gamblers and glamorous celebrities ruled nightlife in Havana.

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Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp by Stephanie Klein

In the sort of lip-biting, hair-tossing, impetuous manner for which teenagers are so famous, Klein indirectly highlights discomfort via wit, and pairs shame with over-confidence.

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4 Aug 2008 // 10:59 PM


This is not the book for erotic titillation, but for human yearning, it is unsurpassed.

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Later, at the Bar by Rebecca Barry

Reminiscent of Hemingway and Carver, Barry's authentic sentences never waste a single word, nor sugarcoat the harsh experience of rural relationships.

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3 Aug 2008 // 10:59 PM

The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie

An enlightening arabesque that confirms why Rushdie is Rushdie, and his belittlers far littler.

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Willie Nelson: An Epic Life by Joe Nick Patoski

He's an original American hero, a sinner, and a saint; a singer, a songwriter, a picker and a philosopher; a pot-smoker, a Texan and a gentleman ... he's Willie Nelson.

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boring boring boring boring boring boring boring by Zach Plague

Clearly, a lot of time and effort went into the the very clever design and setup of the novel. But, as the saying goes, "content is king".

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Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age

Not until we are shaken out of the comfort zones of our Bluetoothed selves are we able to fully realize where we are, what we have done, and what it has done to us.

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Brand New China by Jing Wang

Worlds collide in this report on China’s budding consumer society and how corporations are slicing and dicing it.

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29 Jul 2008 // 11:00 PM

Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling

This is a story of international political wranglings, inflexible economic development models, deeply held cultural and moral conventions, and of a plethora of scientific and pseudoscientific literature.

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29 Jul 2008 // 10:59 PM

The Host

Having covered inter-species romance between humans, vampires and werewolves in her popular Twilight series, Meyer turns to new territory in her latest novel: aliens.

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