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Tuesday, August 13 2013

Broken, Over Time: “The Manhattan Projects #13”

With its 13th issue, Jonathan Hickman's The Manhattan Projects underlines its initial formulation of being less about broken science and more about broken history.

Monday, August 12 2013

Idealism Becomes Compelling: “Action #23”

"There's no right or wrong, but I believe there's good and bad…" Eddie Vedder's lyrics remind us how difficult it is to achieve audience engagement in stories writ large with idealism.

Tuesday, August 6 2013

Once the Novelty Wears Off: “X-Men #3”

It's a ironic that a book featuring the most unique X-Man, Jubilee who is both a teen-Mom and a vampire, gets the most generic name of X-Men

Monday, August 5 2013

A Self-Imposed Cage: “Batman Annual #2”

If we are to believe the subtext of Batman Annual #2, then most of the cages we find ourselves in are self-imposed.

Wednesday, July 31 2013

Try and Tear Me Down: “The Bounce #3”

The first two issues of Joe Casey and David Messina’s The Bounce had me believing it was a fairly well done but unremarkable deconstruction of superheroes. I was wrong…

Tuesday, July 30 2013

He Can’t Go Home Again: ‘Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming’

Speculating, extrapolating, and completely abandoning the principles of logic and physics ruled Flash’s world, especially when the world went to war.

The Broken Showcase: “Hunger #1”

For years, Marvel's Ultimate brand was very strong, introducing stories and concepts that would later find their way into Marvel’s 616 universe and the Marvel cineverse. But Hunger #1 shows exactly how this line has been flagging in recent years.

Monday, July 29 2013

Stalwart Series Still Has Legs… and Roots: “Witchblade #168”

The art and the action is all beautiful in Witchblade's “Absolute Corruption” storyarc, but luckily this current creative team understand that the reason the saga of Sara Pezzini has lasted this long is because of the mythos its writers have created, not for any gratuities included.

Wednesday, July 24 2013

Through-Narrative: “Fantastic Four #10”

Since leaving Earth, the adventures through spacetime seemed random, even arbitrary. But in this issue, Matt Fraction writes out his great reveal--cluing us in to what Mr. Fantastic's reason for visiting each of these different cosmic locales…

Tuesday, July 23 2013

A Frustrating Means to End: “Superior Spider-Man #13”

“…Doc [Ock] decided to adopt the mantle of Spider-Man and be a hero... in his own way.” – Dan Slott, writer of Superior Spider-Man, via Twitter, July 18, 2013.

Monday, July 22 2013

‘Simon & Kirby Science Fiction’ Is a Career-Spanning Retrospective of Spaceships and Ray Guns

There's an abundance of material here that will delight, or at least divert, most comics fans.

It Was All Building To This: “Justice League #22”

What's separated DC from Marvel in recent years has been the plug-and-play value of books that could just be picked up and read immediately. Justice League #22 realigns that schism…

Wednesday, July 17 2013

Beautiful But Derivative: “A1 #2”

Titan Comics' new anthology series revival of A1 features beautiful artwork and interesting cliffhangers, but can't quite save itself from derivative situations and pastiched characters.

Tuesday, July 16 2013

The Search for Consistency: Uncanny X-Men #8

Is Uncanny X-Men's greatest strength its inconsistency?

Monday, July 15 2013

The Slap Heard Throughout Gotham: “Batman #22”

Bruce Wayne’s life pre-Batman continues to be explored in Batman #22, the latest chapter in the origin story Zero Year.

Tuesday, July 9 2013

In the Face of Death: Confusing the Limits of Power in “Superior Spider-Man #12”

With Dan Slott's conceptual shift in Superior Spider-Man, where the reader is forced to take on Jameson's erstwhile role of decrying "Spider-Man, menace!", it's J. Jonah Jameson that shines out as the emotional center of the current Spider-Slayer arc.

Monday, July 8 2013

The Ashes of the Past, the Phoenix of Idealism: “All New X-Men #13”

All New X-Men seems like a concept that shouldn't work. Yet somehow Brian Michael Bendis has turned the concept into something phenomenal, a book where readers can connect with the purest incarnation of Xavier's dream of equality.

Wednesday, June 26 2013

Rethinkable: “Thunderbolts #11”

In entering the narrative fray by examining unthinkable political scenarios, Thunderbolts regular writer Daniel Way has very effectively rethought older Marvel high concepts to their inherent potential.

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Be Ready to Roll With a Human-Avian Romance When You Read ‘Raven Girl’

Neither properly a bird nor entirely human, Raven Girl embodies elements of both and is thus trapped between worlds, and it is her striving to find her rightful place that forms the arc of this narrative.

The House Triples Down for the WIN!: “Lost Vegas #3”

Jim McCann and Janet Lee's incredibly engrossing and unabashedly scifi four issue limited series is brilliantly bleak and beautifully dystopian, exploring the glitz and seedy underbelly of a futuristic, spacefaring casino and the intergalactic intrigue penetrating each level.

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