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Tuesday, January 7 2014

Uncanny Avengers #14

When one character dies in a compelling way, it's a great story. When many characters die, it's underwhelming.

Monday, January 6 2014

Superman / Wonder Woman #3

How does DC's power couple mature in their relationship in a way that's relatable?

Wednesday, December 11 2013

Anxiety Dreams: “Sandman Overture #1”

I’ve come to understand the dream as one primarily fueled by anxiety. It's a twisted sort of wish-fulfillment…

Tuesday, December 10 2013

Overdue Lessons: “Uncanny X-men #14”

Harsh lessons are part of growing up. But when Emma Frost teaches them, they're MUCH harsher.

Monday, December 9 2013

Blood, Torture and Anguish: “Animal Man #25”

Over 20 years ago Grant Morrison asked why these things still excite us? Jeff Lemire’s current run on "Animal Man" is counting on them still doing so.

Wednesday, December 4 2013

The War Has Only Just Begun: “The Walking Dead #116”

What strange magic has propelled writer-creator Robert Kirkman's zombie apocalypse epic, The Walking Dead for so long? Whatever it is, it's alive and kicking still in issue #116.

Epic Destruction: “Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand #1”

How can global destruction have the same effect in a world that has already endured too much of it?

Tuesday, December 3 2013

Cleaning Up The Pieces: “Infinity #6”

Marvel’s latest cosmic donnybrook comes to an end, closing as it has progressed--neatly, thoughtfully, and with a restrained temperament.

Wednesday, November 27 2013

“Acting on Your Best Behavior…”: “Action #25”

Why doesn't Superman simply kill all his enemies and rule the world? In Action #25, incoming regular writer Greg Pak confront's Superman's inherent potential for fascism.

Tuesday, November 26 2013

Lois Lane and the Fifth American Migration: “Lois Lane, a Celebration of 75 Years”

Far from just the journey westwards, there've been three other American migrations. Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years introduces the idea of a fifth.

Monday, November 25 2013

Too Big To Fail?: ‘Superman: A Celebration of 75 Years’

At 75 years, both Superman and the print collection that celebrates his anniversary, suggest the idea of perpetual fictions as public good.

Wednesday, November 20 2013

Shadow of the Bat: “Green Arrow #24”

It's Green Arrow vs. Batman in the pages of Green Arrow #24, but not quite. Because it's the past, and Ollie it's quite Green Arrow yet, and it's not quite "versus."

Tuesday, November 19 2013

She Sold her Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll: “Fatale #18”

She would lose herself in the moment and let go and be pure... and that, of course was exactly the wrong thing to do...

Monday, November 18 2013

Divine Reckoning: “Amazing X-men #1”

A heavenly plot with a devilishly entertaining narrative.

Wednesday, November 13 2013

Riding in Cars with Witches: “Coffin Hill #2”

I love Inaki Miranda's cars. They're equal parts safety line and guide wire; laced with the kind of realism you can retreat into when the supernatural gets too much, but also a means for you to help suspend your disbelief.

Tuesday, November 12 2013

Alan Moore’s Sadism: A Look Back at “V for Vendetta”

With Guy Fawkes celebrated recently, hacktivists taking to the streets this past Friday for the Million Mask March, and Alan Moore's upcoming 60th birthday, maybe now's the time to take a look at V for Vendetta.

Monday, November 11 2013

An Uncanny Legacy: “X-men Battle of the Atom #2”

Five decades of X-men converge in a way that's thrilling, yet incomplete.

Friday, November 8 2013

Joe Sacco’s ‘The Great War’ Is Powerful Evocation of an Awful, Awful Day

In this Bayeux Tapestry-like method of storytelling, images segue from one to the next with imperceptible but inevitable shifts of perspective and events, much like war itself.

Wednesday, November 6 2013

Cohen at Bat: “Beware the Batman #1”

Beware the Batman makes a radically different argument for the Batman as an idea.

Tuesday, November 5 2013

The Atom Bomb and You: “Trinity”

These scientists are figuring out how to make an alchemist’s dream come true, changing one element into another two. Energy released 70,000,000 times bigger than fire. There’s a war with the Nazis to be won.

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