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Wednesday, July 5 2006

Zombie Tales: The Dead

Six stories that are almost completely different from each other. Some good, some bad, but each illustrates the potential for diversity within the genre.

Friday, June 30 2006

Top 10: The Forty-Niners

What place is there for trained killers with haunted pasts and few useful skills in a peaceful society?

Thursday, June 29 2006

Superman/Batman #26

It was then that it occurred to me that comics, more so then any other medium, form a community.

Wednesday, June 28 2006

Fell #3-5

Fell is defiantly avoiding falling into a formula, refusing to squeeze variations on the same story into every issue.

Tuesday, June 27 2006

What Were They Thinking?! Some People Never Learn

This comic could force us to re-examine our categories and ideas of originality and creativity in the comics industry.

What Were They Thinking? Some People Never Learn

This comic could force us to re-examine our categories and ideas of originality and creativity in the comics industry.

Friday, June 23 2006

Loveless, Vol. 1: A Kin of Homecoming

In terms of its dark content, the Western has been on the verge of arriving at this destination for the past 40 years.

Thursday, June 22 2006

Zombie Sama: Special Edition

Tucci's attempt to give the story a political message and a metaphoric backbone is clunky, forced and jarringly awkward.

Tuesday, June 20 2006

Y: The Last Man Vol. 7: Paper Dolls

It is always interesting to see Vaughn, Guerra, et al.'s vision of an apocalyptic world and how it is a mirror to our own.

Monday, June 19 2006

Fury: Peacemaker

Forged in the battles of World War II he, like the American military, will learn from his mistakes and carry on all the way to a position of global power.

Thursday, June 15 2006

War of the Worlds: Second Wave #2

The book is an improvement over the first issue, but still is lacking a lot of what would make it a good story.

Tuesday, June 13 2006

Batman: Year 100 #4 (of 4)

In Paul Pope's version of Batman, the state has become the super-villian.

Monday, June 12 2006

Killer7 #1

The game is a story that is designed from the ground-up to be a videogame, and a literal translation as I have in my hands is missing the point.

Friday, June 9 2006

Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #1-4

With monsters drooling and causing mass hysteria, Wells and Fisher seem to be trying to outdo one another, with the reader reaping all the benefits.

Wednesday, June 7 2006

Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit #1

This kind of writing is frustrating for a reader who is looking for at least a little substance within their $2.99 purchase.

Monday, June 5 2006


For escapist entertainment, that's not a whole lot of escaping, and barely any entertainment.

Thursday, June 1 2006

Super Bad James Dynomite #1

Who would think the minds behind White Chicks would be the ones to finally strike comedy gold, and in comic book form no less?

Tuesday, May 30 2006

Cobb: Off the Leash #1

The good guys are good, the bad guys are despicably evil, and the girls are buxom and gorgeous.

Friday, May 26 2006

Batman Annual #25

Continues the evolution of an iconic character without betraying the fans, creators, and continuity that was established before.

Wednesday, May 24 2006

Planetary Brigade #1-2

It's a not-so-serious story featuring costumed super-heroes, which in today's day and age is a welcome change from the norm.

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