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Monday, December 19 2005

The Pushman & Other Stories

The infelicities of desire are only one of many impolite subjects dissected under Tatsumi's jaded pen.

Thursday, December 15 2005

Fell #1-2

They do more with those 16 pages than other people do with a four issue mini-series.

Tuesday, December 13 2005

Identity Crisis

The first thing Metzler, an acclaimed novelist in his own right, and artist Rags Morales do is ground their tale in very human concerns.

Wednesday, December 7 2005

Sacrifice Parts 1-4

A vocal portion of comic readers have wished for a return to a simpler time.

Monday, December 5 2005

Loveless #1

William Gatevackes reviews Loveless, a new series spearheading the return of the Western comic.

Thursday, December 1 2005

The Filth

Into the long-standing debate on how mental processes interact with the physical world jumps Grant Morrison, with The Filth, the story of middle-aged Greg Feely, who lives a gray life of TV dinners and tending to his sick cat.

Tuesday, November 29 2005

Infinite Crisis #1

Comic book publishers have had to walk the delicate balance of paying back loyal fans for their years of devotion by giving a nod to history while not alienating new readers with too much of a focus on years of continuity.

Wednesday, November 23 2005

Night Fisher

As a backdrop, Maui is not standard fare, and the setting raises intriguing questions about isolation and emigration.

Monday, November 21 2005

Advent Rising: Rock the Planet #1-2

The futuristic setting is really secondary to the character-driven stories of Gideon and Ethan.

Tuesday, November 15 2005

The Man with the Screaming Brain

It all comes down to how much of a Bruce Campbell fan you are.

Tuesday, October 4 2005


Such stories of interwoven lives are so compelling because, in spite of their sometimes fantastical nature, they are true to life.

Tuesday, September 20 2005

Drawn Out

Nace's style may alienate average comic book readers, even the more sophisticated ones.

Tuesday, August 16 2005

Sticky #1-3

Sticky proves worthy of attention even if you aren't looking for sexual stimulation.

Wednesday, August 10 2005

Nat Turner #1

Baker forces the reader to confront these terrible images and leaves no room to distance oneself from the pain his characters experience.

Thursday, August 4 2005

Owly: Just a Little Blue

Like an unexpected surprise or a beautiful day off, Owly is the perfect way to bring a smile to any reader's face.

Tuesday, July 12 2005

Dracula vs. King Arthur #1

With such different characters, such different stories, the writers have the opportunity to do some interesting and fresh work.

Friday, June 10 2005


Where does the reluctant warrior go when the war ends?

Wednesday, June 8 2005

Bizarro World

Traveling the less-trodden path of the 'alternative' usually rewards. The concept of letting alternative creators play with their favorite DC Comics characters is a refreshing change from the mundane DC world.

Friday, May 20 2005


We can't blame DC for giving the fans what they want.

Thursday, May 19 2005

Promethea #32

It's good to know that Alan Moore is still with us.

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