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Wednesday, April 26 2006

Monkeys & Midgets

Monkeys & Midgets is an easy, fast-paced throwback to silly childhoods that won't disappoint you as long as you don't go into it expecting anything more.

Monday, April 24 2006

Batman Year 100 #2 (of 4)

'The Bat-man of Gotham' is real and very human, but also very mysterious and in one sequence of this story, even mystical.

Thursday, April 20 2006

The Flying Friar #1

The sign of good writing is that it raises questions and comparisons that even the writer hadn't originally intended.

Tuesday, April 18 2006

American Way #1

America loves conspiracies. Whether it is about who killed our leaders, the nasty truth about our natural disasters, or who ends up winning American Idol, we always try to construct the story behind the story.

Monday, April 17 2006

The Bart Dickon Omnibus

You can't merely wait for the man in the cape to swoop in and rescue the damsel, you have to be aware that drawings of capes and drawings of damsels are beyond swooping and saving, unless we find room for them in the stories we create for ourselves.

Thursday, April 13 2006

Showcase Presents Superman

In a much simpler time, when bank robbers and crooked landlords were the ultimate evil, Superman protected the citizens of Metropolis as if everything depended on it.

Wednesday, April 12 2006

Apparat: The Singles Collection

Ultimately, Apparat reads like something of a doggie bag of Ellis' leftover ideas: characters, stories, and concepts that didn't quite fit elsewhere, but were still too good to throw away.

Monday, April 10 2006

Ghost Rider #1-6: Road to Damnation

Anyone familiar with Ennis's other comic projects knows that he doesn't readily tip-toe around issues possibly offensive to the church or the far right.

Tuesday, April 4 2006

Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt Book I

Even fantasy can make you question your loyalty to your homeland and the unthinking tendency to follow orders and make you reevaluate what your eyes see versus the rhetoric fed to you in school, by your family, and by your leaders.

Friday, March 31 2006

Batman: Year 100 #1

The close-minded, oppressive atmosphere of this future Gotham pits the local law against the Federal law enforcement, playing on the now familiar idea that average Joes and Janes don't know what's going on in the big wide world.

Wednesday, March 29 2006

Year’s Best Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga

If you have little to no familiarity with any of the novels, comics or manga in the book, you're likely going to find more than a few pieces that catch your interest.

Monday, March 27 2006

The Defenders #1-#5

Few creators pull off comedy of the spandex set as well as this trio.

Friday, March 24 2006

V for Vendetta

In the midst of George W. Bush's second term as president... the themes and tenor of this dystopian graphic novel hit home.

Wednesday, March 22 2006

Zombie Tales: Death Valley #2

Their differences are played up in a subtle way, but they are still there and this adds to the drama.

Monday, March 20 2006

Captain America #8-9, 11-14: The Winter Soldier

The stigma around the character of Captain America is that of a sort of dopey Boy Scout who is doggedly loyal to country and flag.

Thursday, March 16 2006

Nextwave #1

If the plot seems somewhat conventional, don't worry. Ellis more than makes up for it with a gonzo writing style that is seldom seen in comics.

Tuesday, March 14 2006

Desolation Jones #1-5

Jones leads us through a world of porn peddlers and the weird inhabitants of that world.

Monday, March 13 2006

Jeremiah Harm #1

Giffen and Grant have re-visited the bounty hunter character in comic book form.

Tuesday, March 7 2006

The Invincible Iron Man: Extremis #1-5

Is Marvel planning to revamp their other mainstay heroes? Was the Ultimate line of comics not created to make these characters more relevant to new readers and re-origin the characters?

Friday, March 3 2006

Kid Eternity

Targeting a more sophisticated audience and adopting more of a high-brow approach to both story and art, these comics tended to be cerebral, literate, and often employed fine art techniques, making them the antithesis of the run-of-the-mill superhero books of the day.

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