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Wednesday, June 23 2004

Exit 13, Volume 1

Exit 13 is a promising group of talented, creative, and imaginative writers and artists, who, with a little more experience, should grow into prominent voices within the industry.

Sojourn Vol. 1 [DVD]

It's a digital comic book with a strong female protagonist.

Quantum: Rock of Ages #2 (of 12)

Quantum still has its rough edges, but it's a book with heart, which is better than I can say for most books with 50 times it's distribution.

Friday, May 28 2004

THE ONE, The Last Word in Superheroics

It possesses a bleak view of supposed heroes: politicians, businessmen, even superheroes are manifestations of The Other's violence and blind hatred.

Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist

The Escapist project is a sprawling, ambitious form of comic-book meta-fiction that bounces back-and-forth between rediscovered potboilers from the '40s to '80s and scholarly essays offering context and academic takes on these works.

Wednesday, May 12 2004

Artesia Afield

Female role models are often a complicated, conflicted bunch.

The Losers: Ante Up

It moves like Akira and has all the trappings of a big Hollywood action flick.

The Matrix Comics

The world as you know it is not real. It is an illusion, a cage without bars: the perfect slave believes he is free.

My Flesh Is Cool #1-3

The nature of Freedom, with a capital-F, and how people judge their freedom, is a central concern of Stephen Grant's series.

Miracleman, Book One: A Dream of Flying

Miracleman, the very mention of the name should send tingles up your spine, unless you've been stranded in Siberia for the past decade or two.

Wednesday, April 28 2004

New X-Men #114-154

It was only recently that I realized that in every fight between Magneto and the X-Men, they've been having the same damn conversation for the last 30 years!

Human Target: Final Cut

Christopher Chance, the Human Target, is pure Hollywood.

Wednesday, April 7 2004

Ripple, A Predilection For Tina

Ripple is one of the newer gems in Fantagraphics' increasingly mouth-watering catalogue.

2 to the Chest

James Hudnall has written some of my favorite comics of all time, yet he still remains an unrecognized talent.

Rex Mundi, Book One: The Guardian of the Temple

Rex Mundi is a blend of Dan Brown's bestselling novel the DaVinci Code, the film-flop The Order, and a little bit of present-day American politics all rolled into one.

Mother, Come Home

When our order crumbles, we rely on external constructs, masks, to protect us not only from the encroaching world around us but also from our own minds.

The Monolith #1

Palmiotti and Gray have set out to explore the issue of power and disenfranchisement within the alienated and excluded communities of American society, and their metaphor, the Monolith, is a truly apt, and truly frightening, proposition.

Quantum: Rock of Ages #1 (of 12)

Independent comics are a brutal, cutthroat, nasty business.


It's not the most highbrow thing on the shelf, but Rogues! is a fun ride.

Wednesday, March 17 2004

Table For One

This is Bosch Fawstin's attempt at emulating Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.

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