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Monday, June 24 2013

To Live Outside the Law, You Must Be Honest: “Cable and X-Force #10”

Cable and X-Force was a series that struggled with numerous plot holes early on. But in the past few issues, the story has become much more coherent. The emotions of the team and the nature of their mission is finally coming into focus.

Wednesday, June 19 2013

Don’t Stay in School: “Wolverine & the X-Men #31”

In Wolverine & the X-Men #31 the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning comes up against its evil counterpart, a school for budding supervillains, raising such ethical issues as education-for-profit and inspiring schoolkids to being greater…

Tuesday, June 18 2013

Monday, June 17 2013

Love Disinterest: “Savage Wolverine #6”

Writer Zeb Wells takes Wolverine down the road less taken as he develops the plot without relying on the gimmick of a love interest in Savage Wolverine

Wednesday, June 12 2013

God Tattoos Our Second Chances, Child: ‘The Wake #1’

What a savagely genius move, using an unconnected genre to examine the sociocultural impact of post-apocalyptic scifi.

Tuesday, June 11 2013

On the Fringe with the Superior: “Superior Spider-Man #11”

After reading the last few months of Superior Spider-Man, and especially after last week's issue #11, one question must be asked: Has Dan Slott ever watched Fringe?

Monday, June 10 2013

Arrows in Flight, Remain in Flight: “Green Arrow: The Kill Machine”

With the release of last week's Green Arrow #21, the concluding chapter to "The Kill Machine" storyarc, writer Jeff Lemire proves himself to be the Isaac Newton of comics storytelling.

Tuesday, June 4 2013

There Is No Stealing Back Your Past: “Thief of Thieves #14”

Powerful artwork and a command of light and shadow amplify this engrossing jumping-on point for new readers, but the entire issue is about enticement, with very little fulfillment to be seen in the story.

Monday, June 3 2013

The Masculine Versus Feminine Subtext of X-Men #1

X-Men #1 is a beautiful and thoughtful work of modern mainstream comics.

Wednesday, May 29 2013

It’s Good News, I’m Afraid: “Death Sentence #1”

Death Sentence reads like only the best parts of Watchmen -- a social analysis that exceeds the medium of comics, easily the equal of Dostoyevsky or Dickens.

Tuesday, May 28 2013

Coincidence, or Purpose?: “The Dream Merchant #1”

Image dreams the impossible dream by giving us a new comicbook set in the Dream World... that doesn't immediately become a Sandman ripoff.

Thursday, May 23 2013

‘How to Fake a Moon Landing’ Re-Examines Attitudes and Beliefs About Science

If you have ever doubted science, Darryl Cunningham's clever graphic exploration of controversial theories and ideas will set you on the course to realizing that ideology, not facts, create controversy.

Wednesday, May 22 2013

Cut and Pasty: “Fearless Defenders #4”

The Fearless Defenders book has been a welcome surprise among the Marvel NOW! Push. But the art…

Tuesday, May 21 2013

How Much?: “Ten Grand #1”

Can we escape our fate? And is doing so only a question of substantiation? The substantiation by means of a certain weight of money, or maybe the transubstantiation of piety in a hyper-noir landscape…

Monday, May 20 2013

Call of the Cthulhu Nazis: “Fatale #14”

“She should never have come to Romania... Damn me for a Fool...”

Wednesday, May 15 2013

The Power in Nightmares: “Batman: the Dark Knight #19”

As an issue that comes just prior to the culmination of the current arc, and on laced with artist Symon Kudranski's beautifully neonoir chiaroscuro, Batman: the Dark Knight #19, "the Pool of Tears," comes with the highest praise…

Tuesday, May 14 2013

Going Nowhere Slowly: “Uncanny X-Force #4”

Believe me, I wanted to like this book. I loved the cast, I was excited about the creative team of Sam Humphries and Ron Garney, and it was being sold as an action adventure series with emphasis on the action…

Monday, May 13 2013

Better Off Dead: “Suicide Squad #20”

In just one issue, Ales Kot has turned Suicide Squad into one of my must-read titles each month.

Wednesday, May 8 2013

Portrait of a Killer as a Young Clown: “Hawkeye #10”

Shouldn't Hawkeye face up against a villain not only every bit his equal, but also in it for more than just money? He really should…

Tuesday, May 7 2013

Consequences, and Some Truth Too: “Invincible Universe #2”

Invincible has always been marked by its unique style where comicbook consequences are actual and ongoing. But with creator/writer Robert Kirkman stepping away from writing duties on Invincible Universe, the series hits on the essential truth of the comics industry--that ideas are often larger than their creators…

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