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Fair Is Fair: The Redundant and Flawed Narrative of ‘Scarlet’

With the wonder-duo of Bendis scripting and Maleev on artwork Scarlet should be the generationally definitive voice of youth rebellion. But why isn't it?

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History Ticking Over: A Closer Look at Radical’s ‘Time Bomb’

As a wartime period action book Time Bomb has stiff competition on a number of fronts. But the dream team of scribes Palmiotti and Gray do not fail to deliver.

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Virtue Made Visible: The 70 Year Quest to Define Captain America

With issue 616, Marvel editors and creators not only celebrate Captain America's 70th anniversary, but set themselves the generational task of defining the emotional core of the character. Have they finally succeeded at what so few have been able to do?

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Infinite Rebirth: The Duality and Synergy of ‘Captain America’

Captain America #615.1 stands as a singular achievement among Marvel's recent 'point one' stories. Not only does this book provide an excellent jump-on point for new readers, but also unfolds a magnificent character drama.

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Nothing Sparkles: The Evolution of Vampires and America in ‘American Vampire’

American Vampire is about more than simply a fresh new take on the already toxically-popular vampire mythos -- it's about the birth of America.

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Non-Trivial Pursuits: Hellraiser #1

Can you really catch up a fixture of popular culture that reaches back decades? Can the comics medium really convey the visceral sense of salvation that Clive Barker's Hellraiser seeks to convey? Download the Prelude and read this review to find out.

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Leaping Into Aether: Unknown Volume 1

Unknown stands as an achievement by successfully jamming together two genres: the rational detective story, and the irrational supernatural suspense tale.

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The Day Before Playtime: Darkwing Duck Annual

Previous PopMatters reviews of BOOM! Studios' output of comic books based on licensed Disney properties have exposed the clever cultural critiques that frequently lurk under the glossy, family-friendly adventures on the surface. The two stories contained in this Darkwing Duck Annual are no different.

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Most Likely Too: The Nouveau Hipster-Chic of Roberson & Allred’s iZombie

What carries iZombie is not the plot, though it’s compelling; it’s not the art, though it’s outstanding; and it’s not the dialogue, which has a tremendous amount of promise. No, it’s the pop-art and campiness of the book that makes it a fun read each month.

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Comedy, Narrative Structure and Economics: The One-Off Storytelling of ‘Chew’

Chew is many things. Part buddy cop comedy, part social satire, and part urban adventure yarn. Tony Chu is one of the FDA’s newest agents. A cibopath able to get a psychic sensation when he eats anything, Chu is custom built for food based crime.

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The Dues of Machinima: ‘Cyclops’ vs ‘Insurrection V3.6’

Recent months have seen the launch of Cyclops, Matz and Jacamon's followup to the acclaimed The Killer, and Insurrection V3.6 from the creators at BOOM! Studios. Both books throw readers into a sci-fi tomorrow driven by a war economy. Side-by-side, how do these titles stack up? In the second of a two-part review, PopMatters investigates the books' high concept.

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Deus Ex Machinima: ‘Cyclops’ vs ‘Insurrection V3.6’

Recent months have seen the launch of Cyclops, Matz and Jacamon's followup to the acclaimed The Killer, and Insurrection V3.6 from the creators at BOOM! Studios. Both books throw readers into a sci-fi tomorrow driven by a war economy. Side-by-side, how do these titles themselves stack up? In the first of a two-part review, PopMatters investigates narrative and storytelling.

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The Girl in the Evening Gown: Top Shelf’s ‘Homeland Directive’

In exploring the nature of the relation between the individual, society and the state, one would anticipate Venditti's Homeland Directive to elevate both the thriller genre and the comics medium. Venditti delivers admirably on both counts. It is a secret joy however, that he also manages to elevate the reader.

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Darkly Reflective: Death, Minimalism and Restraint in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Mimicking the traditional three-act structure, The Amazing Spider-Man #655 offers an outpouring of grief that hearkens back to the Spider-Man stories of old.

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Keep It Rolling: Gordon McAlpin’s ‘Multiplex’

In Multiplex creator Gordon McAlpin attempts to track the same path as the sublimely successful South Park by scripting his webcomic around topical media goings-on.

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‘AX Vol. One: A Collection of Alternative Manga’ Is Full of Weird, Puzzling Beauty

A head trip that matches (and often surpasses) the weirdest of North America’s classic underground comix, this anthology introduces English readers to the wild world of alternative manga.

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Redemption Song: Survival and Opportunity in the Final Chorus of ‘DMZ’

Rounding the corner to the closing of DMZ writer and co-creator Brian Wood's back-to-basics characterization is sublimely assisted by returning artist and co-creator Riccardo Burchielli's haunting landscapes.

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21 Feb 2011 // 9:59 PM

‘Vietnamerica’: Where Does Memory End and Myth Begin?

GB Tran has constructed the book as a tapestry in which various story threads weave in and out of each other in a pastiche that intends to be as fluid as memory itself.

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Art Works Hard For Its Money: The Art of BOOM! Studios

You're going to want to read it, but there's nothing to read. These artworks will inspire a deep and irrevocable sense of needing to immerse yourself these stories, these profound fictions that lavishly decorate these pages. But really, the haunting thing about The Art of BOOM! Studios is Stan Lee's Foreword…

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‘Denys Wortman’s New York’: The Very Heart of the City

Denys Wortman’s New York is the classic version of the city that lives in the imaginations of those of us who have never lived there.

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