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Art Works Hard For Its Money: The Art of BOOM! Studios

You're going to want to read it, but there's nothing to read. These artworks will inspire a deep and irrevocable sense of needing to immerse yourself these stories, these profound fictions that lavishly decorate these pages. But really, the haunting thing about The Art of BOOM! Studios is Stan Lee's Foreword…

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‘Denys Wortman’s New York’: The Very Heart of the City

Denys Wortman’s New York is the classic version of the city that lives in the imaginations of those of us who have never lived there.

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Shine On: Harbor Moon’s Wrestling with the New Horror Market

Writer Ryan Colucci has spoken about tilting the horror pendulum back towards a blood-lettingly harsh realism with Horror Moon. But does his vision of a "Man With No Name for werewolves" succeed?

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‘Psychiatric Tales’: A Guided Tour of Disorders

This is a stark primer on psychological disorder -- just don't expect to read a story.

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Indifferent Boy Meets Girl: The Saintly Slacker-dom of ‘Li’l Depressed Boy’

It's not everyday you meet someone you can talk to and, y'know...whatev...

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The Decider: South Fellini’s ‘Dogs of Mars’

Johnny Zito and Tony Trov's Dogs of Mars speak to that moment that we all recognize, the moment when heroes are born...

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Polarized: Mr. Luthor Goes to Arkham

Action Comics regular writer Paul Cornell demonstrates a deep and abiding gift for the character-driven story in 'The Black Ring (Pt.8)', when he puts Superman villain Lex Luthor in a jousting match with Batman's Joker.

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Nuanced Feminism: The Style and Appeal of ‘The New York Five’

More than Local, Demo or even the phenomenal DMZ writer Brian Wood's New York Five explores the psychosocial space of womaness in a post-postfeminist New York.

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Attack of the Apps: Solider Zero #5

With a bold new era beginning in Stan Lee's Soldier Zero, and a new creative team taking the helm, what is left to be said? Except perhaps a hope for greatness once demonstrated.

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Righting the Ship: The Dick Grayson-Batman Persona in Detective Comics

Even after more than a year in the cowl, it feels strange to think of Dick Grayson as the Batman. What new series regular writer Scott Snyder offers with his first storyarc, 'The Black Mirror', is the final word on the former sidekick as a Batman in his own right.

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Drawing on Flesh: Danzig Baldaev’s Drawings from the Gulag

Special guest writer and critically acclaimed author of Snowball's Chance and Tales of Woe, John Reed considers the heavy toll taken on artist Danzig Baldaev over the 40 years of preparation for his final work.

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Infinite Existential Crisis: The Infinite Vacation #1

It's not that writer Nick Spencer seems to be everywhere. It's that his writing is exceedingly good, marshaling maybe the best strategies of comics-scripting. Spencer's most recent project, The Infinite Vacation, seems to have all the hallmarks of a magnum opus

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27 Jan 2011 // 2:38 AM

Starting Anew: Sweets #1

Sweets is not a blackjack to the back of the head; it is a stiletto between the ribcage.

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Peace in a time of Contemporary Reinvention Clichés: Halcyon #3

Evoking the shadow of a biological extinction event, writer Marc Guggenheim posits a world that suddenly and without warning has come to be at peace with itself.

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Empirical Replicants – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust

It's not often that prequels hit their mark. But Dust to Dust clearly does, a feat made more surprising by the fact that this series is the prequel to Philip K. Dick's celebrated Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

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‘Hagakure’: A Manga Guide to Bushido

Sean Michael Wilson and Chie Kutsuwada team up to present a manga-style introduction to Yamamoto Tsunetomo's Hagakure: The Code of the Samurai

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Particular Frame of Time: Return of the Dapper Men

An homage to 'Romeo & Juliet', Return of the Dapper Men is that rare treat: a whimsical tale accessible to children but poignant for adults.

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Nice, Even When Not Playing Nice: ‘Incognito: Bad Influences’

With the Noir/Pulp genre rapidly becoming the media darling of the comics industry, Incognito: Bad Influences stands out as a singular contribution.

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True, True Grit: Earp Saints For Sinners #1

In the wake of the Arizona tragedy, Earp: Saints For Sinners reads like a necessary piece of art. Drawing a direct line between financial crisis and gun violence Earp offers a poignant meditation on steps that might avert similar tragedies.

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‘Game 6 Was a Killer’: Charlie Huston Tackles Marvel’s Bullseye

Freed from continuity politics, Perfect Game excels as the best kind comicbook story by tapping a little known fact from the main character's fictive bio.

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