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A Writer’s Work…: Stan Lee’s Starborn #1

Like the Silver Age he instituted at Marvel in the early 60s, Stan Lee conceives of Starborn as a superhero story that is as much about amazing powers, as it is about the very human point of view needed to wield them.

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Indian Summer: Milligan’s Customizing of the Hellblazer Character

With "India", series lead writer Peter Milligan finally placed a personal imprint on the Hellblazer character. One year after, with "Bloody Carnations", Milligan's unique vision might prove groundbreaking.

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Falling Down: Marvel’s Daredevil ‘Shadowland’ event

Why has the Idea of Daredevil failed to succeed in the recent 'Shadowland' event? The Idea of survival as more than simply continuing to exist has been core to Daredevil since the beginning, but why is it being put aside now?

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“The Best Laid Schemes…”: Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #1

In the hands of writer Ian Brill, BOOM! Studios relaunch of Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers not only develops a powerful emotional connection with readers, but evolves the characters seen originally on the TV show.

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‘The Best American Comics 2010’ Makes It Clear: Comics Have a Bright Future

Neil Gaiman brings a certain gravitas to the proceedings in this edition of the Best of Comics, but more importantly, he returns the series to its emphasis on storytelling.

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The Trial of the Flash: Geoff Johns’ Relaunch of the Silver Age Flash

Even before Silver Age Flash Barry Allen's 300-plus-issue run on the title drew to a close, his character arc was spinning out of control. Johns' relaunch brings a return to those days of exubernace of Wild Science.

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Anti-Hero: The Soap-Operatic, Melodramatic Life in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #649

New Spider-Man storyarc, 'The Big Time' takes the title character back to its nerdy, anti-hero roots while offering a reassertion of the soap-operatic nature of the original Amazing Spider-Man stories.

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Becoming John McClane: Reshaping an American Icon in ‘Die Hard: Year One’

Origin stories offer amazing insights of characterization. What was the hero or villain like, taking those first steps? In Die Hard: Year One legendary comics writer Howard Chaykin tests his mettle against the iconic John McClane

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Old Hat: How The Sixth Gun Defies the Peaks and Valleys of a Genre

Creative team Bunn and Hurtt retrace the emotional resonance of five and more decades of the Western Genre by offering a wholly believeable tale of supernatural mayhem in The Sixth Gun

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Standing Still: Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1

Comicbooks have one irreproachable strength over other forms of storytelling. Timelessness. The characters in comics are eternal. This is a point that is made abundantly clear with Stan Lee's latest foray into the comics medium, BOOM! Studios' The Traveler #1.

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The Horror! The Horror! Comic Books the Government Didn’t Want You to Read

These works date from the pre-Comics Code era in which violence, gore and sexually suggestive material, in the government’s eyes, contributed to the creation of legions of disruptive, belligerent and potentially Communist juvenile delinquents.

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Batman, Begins: Batman: The Return Oneshot

Shouldn't three returns of the original Batman be enough? Well, no. By slow, determined pacing creative director behind the new Batman, Incorporated, Grant Morrison, has returned time and again to the idea of Batman. And in so doing, has set the cultural agenda for decades to come.

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All Cut-Up: Charles Burns’s “X’ed Out”

Rather than simply deconstruct the cultural engine that popularized Hergé's Adventures of Tintin, writer-artist Charles Burns relies on visualizing the cut-up technique of Beat writer William Burroughs in X'ed Out.

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“Read It ‘Cause I Say So”: Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Cold Space’

Bringing his star power to the world of comics, Samuel L. Jackson offers a Marlon Brando-esque framing of the highly recognizeable space-pirate genre.

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Back Issues: Tron: Original Movie Adaptation #1/2

The real problem with Tron: Original Movie Adaptation is not how dated the project looks in relation to other projects like Star Wars that have benefited from 30-plus years of sustained creativity. The real problem is, why would Disney choose Marvel as its bagman.

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What Do Humans Do All Day: The Case of Muppet Sherlock Holmes #3

Jim Henson's Muppets prove to be reinvigored in their BOOM! Kids' comicbook, playing the role of subtle social critique that the original show was so good at.

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This Will Go On, Forever: ‘Batman & Robin #16’

“I was Batman’s partner longer than anyone else. Trust me -- being marooned in the past with no memory is just one more problem for him to solve." In early November, Bruce Wayne finally returns as Batman. But this time he brings with him something entirely new -- innovation.

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No Rest for the Weary: Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1

Watch Stan Lee reinvent the future once again, this time teaming up with BOOM! Studios rather than Marvel to create an entire superhero universe.

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28 Oct 2010 // 3:28 AM

Frozen in Place: Dethklok #1

At the end of the day, the idea of Metalocalypse shines through, despite the band being absent from the page.

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The Day Before Social Media: DC/Vertigo and “Hellblazer: Shoot”

After 12 years of balking at the idea of publishing Warren Ellis' "Hellblazer: Shoot", Vertigo finally does so as part of their 18th anniversary. The result is to make a great story, momentous.

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