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27 Jan 2011 // 2:38 AM

Starting Anew: Sweets #1

Sweets is not a blackjack to the back of the head; it is a stiletto between the ribcage.

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Peace in a time of Contemporary Reinvention Clichés: Halcyon #3

Evoking the shadow of a biological extinction event, writer Marc Guggenheim posits a world that suddenly and without warning has come to be at peace with itself.

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Empirical Replicants – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust

It's not often that prequels hit their mark. But Dust to Dust clearly does, a feat made more surprising by the fact that this series is the prequel to Philip K. Dick's celebrated Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

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‘Hagakure’: A Manga Guide to Bushido

Sean Michael Wilson and Chie Kutsuwada team up to present a manga-style introduction to Yamamoto Tsunetomo's Hagakure: The Code of the Samurai

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Particular Frame of Time: Return of the Dapper Men

An homage to 'Romeo & Juliet', Return of the Dapper Men is that rare treat: a whimsical tale accessible to children but poignant for adults.

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Nice, Even When Not Playing Nice: ‘Incognito: Bad Influences’

With the Noir/Pulp genre rapidly becoming the media darling of the comics industry, Incognito: Bad Influences stands out as a singular contribution.

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True, True Grit: Earp Saints For Sinners #1

In the wake of the Arizona tragedy, Earp: Saints For Sinners reads like a necessary piece of art. Drawing a direct line between financial crisis and gun violence Earp offers a poignant meditation on steps that might avert similar tragedies.

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‘Game 6 Was a Killer’: Charlie Huston Tackles Marvel’s Bullseye

Freed from continuity politics, Perfect Game excels as the best kind comicbook story by tapping a little known fact from the main character's fictive bio.

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Zorro: The Defeat of Destiny / Love Never Ends

As Zorro is jettisoned into modern-world sensibility, the crucial breakpoint becomes the writer's distrust of his artist.

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Monsters in the Boardroom: Dracula—The Company of Monsters #5

While the notion of the evil corporation is a literary staple, writer Daryl Gregory uses Kurt Busiek's reinvention of Dracula as corporate president to explore current attitudes towards free market economies.

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Shock Value: The Pointed Deception of Relevance in ‘Nemesis’

Really, the major disappointment is that with such a high concept, Millar and McNiven fail to really explore the deep ramifications of the archetypal vigilante superhero, as villain.

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Walking Through Hell: Misery City #1

By rarefying a lost tradition of single-image storytelling Blackline's newest release promises a rediscovery of pure comics creativity.

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The Pursuit of Riches: Uncle Scrooge #399

Continuing the long-running Scrooge McDuck, BOOM! Studios presents an enduring an expansive assay of the mentality that still runs through Wall Street post the 2008 crash.

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Rediscovery of the Ordinary: Chris Ware’s ‘Lint’

LINT may be empty of meaning, but it’s full of truth. There’s a wonderful tension between the towering ambition that Ware brings to this project and the smallness of the story it tells. There’s no high drama, no intrigue, only the epic tale of a small and predictable life.

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‘First Wave’s’ Pulp and Noir World: The Failure Between Concept and Execution

It seems at once so seductive and authentic, the idea of DC returning to its pulp roots (as so many companies recently have) with First Wave. But far from bridging the pulp era to the superhero, First Wave falls short because of its strengths.

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A Writer’s Work…: Stan Lee’s Starborn #1

Like the Silver Age he instituted at Marvel in the early 60s, Stan Lee conceives of Starborn as a superhero story that is as much about amazing powers, as it is about the very human point of view needed to wield them.

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Indian Summer: Milligan’s Customizing of the Hellblazer Character

With "India", series lead writer Peter Milligan finally placed a personal imprint on the Hellblazer character. One year after, with "Bloody Carnations", Milligan's unique vision might prove groundbreaking.

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Falling Down: Marvel’s Daredevil ‘Shadowland’ event

Why has the Idea of Daredevil failed to succeed in the recent 'Shadowland' event? The Idea of survival as more than simply continuing to exist has been core to Daredevil since the beginning, but why is it being put aside now?

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“The Best Laid Schemes…”: Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #1

In the hands of writer Ian Brill, BOOM! Studios relaunch of Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers not only develops a powerful emotional connection with readers, but evolves the characters seen originally on the TV show.

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‘The Best American Comics 2010’ Makes It Clear: Comics Have a Bright Future

Neil Gaiman brings a certain gravitas to the proceedings in this edition of the Best of Comics, but more importantly, he returns the series to its emphasis on storytelling.

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