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Strong in the Broken Places: The Hemingway of ‘Ryder on the Storm’

Writer David Hine's deployment of the noir crime thriller genre is so purely expressive that it's easy to miss the hidden depths that elevate Ryder on the Storm to Hemingway levels of storytelling. Download your preview here.

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Pulpy Hollywood Irony: The Delicious Aesthetic of ‘Blue Estate’

Like Pulp Fiction and other tent poles of the neo-noir/pulp genre, Blue Estate features a varied cast that is a veritable feast of post-modern enigmas, but with only the first issue out, it's early days yet.

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Testing Our Limits: Soldier Zero and the Struggle for Balance

Unlike Charles Xavier, Oracle or Doom Patrol's "The Chief", Stewart Trautmann’s wheelchair is only a part-time gig. The Soldier Zero suit provides him with temporary relief from his paralysis, enabling him to perform extraordinary feats.

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Make Them Angels, Or They’ll Be Demons: Preemptive War & ‘Batman and Robin’

Can a comicbook represent the zeitgeist of the political landscape? In clumsily forcing the theme of nature-vs-nurture, Batman And Robin writer Peter J Tomasi ignores his own unconscious wrestlings with Bush Doctrine.

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Broken in Time: What ‘Invincible Iron Man’s’ ‘God Number’ Should Have Been

On the eve of the release of the 'Fix Me' finale, we wonder if the storyline's conclusion will be the act of genius the opening chapter was, of the comparative disappoint of the middle part. But we discover that what's really at stake is the character and not the quality of writer Matt Fraction's genius.

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Black Out or Fade Away?: It’s Difficult to Die Hard in ‘77

Willis’ portrayal of John MClane helped make him a box-office star and set the bar for action hero stars. Chaykin’s dialogue and Andrade’s renderings of a full-haired Willis is spot-on; so much so that I could hear and see him acting out each panel in my head. But the character just doesn’t seem to qualify for a Year One scenario.

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Republication: Radical’s ‘After Dark #3’ and Media-Frenzied Politics

It is easy to get lost in the opulence of After Dark's amazing construction of its sci-fi world. But at its heart, the book holds a vital commentary on the media-frenzied political landscape.

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Happiness Is This Graphic Novel: Charlie Brown and the Human Condition

After literally decades of innovation, Peanuts takes its first step into the graphic novel format. The result, is the Charlie Brown and the Gang we've always deserved.

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Authentic and Genuine: The Social Rites of Passage in ‘The Li’l Depressed Boy’

Released this Wednesday, Struble & Grace's The Li'l Depressed Boy #3 shows every sign of becoming a modern masterpiece of the social rituals we are all subject to.

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A Second Look: The Second Printing of Hellraiser #1

With Hellraiser #1 going into a second printing in less than a week off the back of a social media campaign that has gone viral, we turn our attention to a character that is fast becoming a phenomenon.

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Fair Is Fair: The Redundant and Flawed Narrative of ‘Scarlet’

With the wonder-duo of Bendis scripting and Maleev on artwork Scarlet should be the generationally definitive voice of youth rebellion. But why isn't it?

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History Ticking Over: A Closer Look at Radical’s ‘Time Bomb’

As a wartime period action book Time Bomb has stiff competition on a number of fronts. But the dream team of scribes Palmiotti and Gray do not fail to deliver.

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Virtue Made Visible: The 70 Year Quest to Define Captain America

With issue 616, Marvel editors and creators not only celebrate Captain America's 70th anniversary, but set themselves the generational task of defining the emotional core of the character. Have they finally succeeded at what so few have been able to do?

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Infinite Rebirth: The Duality and Synergy of ‘Captain America’

Captain America #615.1 stands as a singular achievement among Marvel's recent 'point one' stories. Not only does this book provide an excellent jump-on point for new readers, but also unfolds a magnificent character drama.

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Nothing Sparkles: The Evolution of Vampires and America in ‘American Vampire’

American Vampire is about more than simply a fresh new take on the already toxically-popular vampire mythos -- it's about the birth of America.

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Non-Trivial Pursuits: Hellraiser #1

Can you really catch up a fixture of popular culture that reaches back decades? Can the comics medium really convey the visceral sense of salvation that Clive Barker's Hellraiser seeks to convey? Download the Prelude and read this review to find out.

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Leaping Into Aether: Unknown Volume 1

Unknown stands as an achievement by successfully jamming together two genres: the rational detective story, and the irrational supernatural suspense tale.

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The Day Before Playtime: Darkwing Duck Annual

Previous PopMatters reviews of BOOM! Studios' output of comic books based on licensed Disney properties have exposed the clever cultural critiques that frequently lurk under the glossy, family-friendly adventures on the surface. The two stories contained in this Darkwing Duck Annual are no different.

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Most Likely Too: The Nouveau Hipster-Chic of Roberson & Allred’s iZombie

What carries iZombie is not the plot, though it’s compelling; it’s not the art, though it’s outstanding; and it’s not the dialogue, which has a tremendous amount of promise. No, it’s the pop-art and campiness of the book that makes it a fun read each month.

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Comedy, Narrative Structure and Economics: The One-Off Storytelling of ‘Chew’

Chew is many things. Part buddy cop comedy, part social satire, and part urban adventure yarn. Tony Chu is one of the FDA’s newest agents. A cibopath able to get a psychic sensation when he eats anything, Chu is custom built for food based crime.

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