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New Orleans Is Sinking: ‘A.D.’ and ‘Dark Rain’

These two graphic novels take contrasting approaches to the catastrophe of New Orleans.

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Comic Art Propaganda by Fredrik Stromberg

Is it appropriate to condense complex theological ideas into a few literal-minded panels and leave them in truck stop bathrooms for road-weary travelers to read?

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Heavy: John Reed’s ‘Tales of Woe’

With Tales of Woe, Snowball's Chance author John Reed makes a Hail-Mary for the kind of tomorrow we can all participate in.

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Vigilante Anti-Hero Explores Family Values. Violence Ensues in ‘Jonah Hex: No Way Back ’

Family crops up early and often in No Way Back, and it's clear that the writers link Hex's crippled family background with the shambling wreck he has become.

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Feminist Nightmare: Ultimate Comics #3

With the publication of "Lies", the most recent issue of New Ultimates writer Jeph Loeb evolves a nightmare scenario that confirms a return of his full creative instincts.

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All Fall Down: Batman Widening Gyre #1-6

Filmmaker Kevin Smith attempts to write Widening Gyre into the Batman mythos as a psychologically defining moment for the Bruce Wayne character.

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‘A God Somewhere ’ Is a Challenging and Thoughtful Take on the Superman Story

So what would you do if your best friend became virtually indestructible? More to the point, what would your friend do?

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Antigone Tomorrow: Darkwing Duck #1

Series writer Ian Brill strikes a deep vein, plumbing the depths of postwar America and the superhero genre.

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‘Wednesday Comics’ Remembers When Every Day—Not Just Wednesday—Was a Cliffhanger

DC's Wednesday Comics will remind you of the power of sequential story-telling in this showcase of some of the top artists and writers in the field working at the height of their powers.

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Graze Anatomy: Artifacts #1

In shaping a context where the fantastical elements of mythology are devalued, writer Ron Marz also shapes a context for tell the story of Top Cow as a company.

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Shutting Down: Vengeance of the Moon Knight Finale

After having successfully redefined the scope of the character over a year's worth of stories, writer Gregg Hurwitz writes the genetic launchpad for a new kind of Moon Knight.

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‘Melvin Monster’: Monstrous Hijinks for a Generation That Distrusted Its Parents

Melvin Monsters’ send-up of American family values sometimes takes a bitingly satirical turn.

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Peter Bagge’s Other Lives

Bagge's story is an exploration of the mediums and mechanisms that keep the riddle of the individual dancing between who we think we are, the projections and assumptions of others, and who we want to be.

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‘Blackest Night’—Crash! Bang! Pow!

Mood drips from these pages, and a pleasingly sinister undertone informs the whole thing—it's about death, after all.

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‘Batwoman: Elegy’ Is a Comic Masterpiece About an Openly Gay Superhero

Batwoman lives, much to the chagrin of Gotham's criminal underworld and the conservative commentariat.

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The Hole in Things: Batman #701

Returning to the scene of the crime, writer Grant Morrison humanizes Bruce Wayne's Batman, by depicting his fear.

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‘Scarlet #1’: ‘80s Grim ‘N Gritty… Now Available in 21st Century Female

With the creative team's first major collaboration since Halo it's clear that Alex Maleev has upped his game. But has Bendis?

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15 Jul 2010 // 3:10 AM

Shadowland #1

With high-level creative talent like event-runner Andy Diggle and core limited series artist Billy Tan, the real question for "Shadowland" is not whether it will succeed, but why it needs to.

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13 Jul 2010 // 2:40 AM

Days Missing #1-5

In the days missing from human history, we find the human story.

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8 Jul 2010 // 2:55 AM

Wonder Woman #600

Through a series of short stories and commissioned artworks, two artistic visions of Wonder Woman emerge. But can the more diligent and compassionate view of the character win out?

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