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4 Mar 2010 // 12:56 AM

Pluto: Volume 001

Considering the caliber of the talent involved, the fact that Pluto is an artistically successful comic is hardly something to marvel at.

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Batman and Robin: “Blackest Knight” #7-9

The whimsical artwork of Cameron Stewart proves an excellent vehicle for the strange combination of cuteness and dread in Morrison's story.

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Superman: Secret Origin #3 (of 6)

If we can ret-con the Son of God, we can ret-con the Last Son of Krypton.

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23 Feb 2010 // 2:07 AM

Human Target #1

Is Human Target a thinly veiled marketing ploy to bring the comics-market on as a regular viewing audience for the John E. Steinberg show?

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18 Feb 2010 // 1:10 AM

Moon Girl

Johnny Zito and Tony Trov have mastered what the legendary Will Eisner called the art of comics as a 'literary staple'.

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The Black Cherry Bombshells

The series is not afraid to wear its influences on its sleeve, but it refuses to be defined by them.

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11 Feb 2010 // 2:40 AM

LaMorté Sisters

A public service announcement soaked in blood from your friends at PopMatters.

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8 Feb 2010 // 10:00 PM

Azrael #1-3

Scorsese-inspired and Petraeus-infused, Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs' new Azrael is an incendiary powder keg, commenting one everything from the War on Terror to its title character's relevance to the very purpose of faith.

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4 Feb 2010 // 2:25 AM

Biomega #1

Cyberpunk hero on a wicked motorbike vs. badass butchers, plus a talking grizzly bear with a big gun: I'm sold

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2 Feb 2010 // 12:01 AM

Joe the Barbarian #1

Grant Morrison tells the psychologically rich tale of an inner imaginative life in its death throes as protagonist Joe matures away from childhood.

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28 Jan 2010 // 2:55 AM

Absolute Death

Neil Gaiman's popular character from Sandman gets her own Absolute edition in a collection of good stories with some good extras, but a high price tag.

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26 Jan 2010 // 1:32 AM


45 tables two issues that linger on from the previous century, the story of fatherhood and the story of journalism, and allows these to interact in the crucible of a comics narrative.

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21 Jan 2010 // 2:00 AM

Fall of the Hulks: Alpha

Jeff Parker hits a high point with this story of the little villain that could.

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Hercules: The Knives of Kush #1-5

Writer Steve Moore and artist Cris Bolson expose a political and sociocultural complexity in the ancient world of Hercules, that has implications for our world today

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13 Jan 2010 // 11:35 PM

Batman: 80 Page Giant

The Batman 80 Page Giant has entered into the popular imagination with mythological impact. Does the 2010 edition meet incredibly high expectations?

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12 Jan 2010 // 2:00 AM

R.E.B.E.L.S. #1-6

Tony Bedard finds a unique tone for his series that, amazingly, seems to emanate purely from its central characters, infecting the rest of the cast, and even the story, with a sort of self-assured charm and confidence.

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6 Jan 2010 // 10:00 PM

Last of the Independents

Where does one draw the line between homage and rip-off? Ask Cole Caudle, but only if you wanna risk getting shot in the face...

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MAD #502: 20 Dumbest People, Events & Things 2009

MAD giving the 'Thumbs Down' to 2009's Top 20 Dumbest, also means its long-anticipated reasserting itself into the cultural and political mainstream.

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17 Dec 2009 // 2:20 AM

xkcd: Volume 0

Randall Munroe’s web-comic xkcd does a surprisingly good job of being equally hilarious and accessible, both despite its form and content.

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15 Dec 2009 // 4:00 AM

Graphic Novel: 12 Days

The double loss of her lover Noah, first to a heterosexual marriage and then to an automobile accident, causes Jackie to seek solace by consuming Noah's ashes, in the process becoming her "living urn".

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