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30 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

G. Love threatened to take James Brown's title for Hardest Working Man in Show Business away from him recently -- at least for the night he was playing Park City.

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29 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

. They eschew attention, yet they're media darlings. Reactions to their recent recordings are anything but lukewarm, yet they refuse to explain themselves. They transform studio-centric creations into live songs that are both towering and incandescent, yet they tour infrequently.

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26 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

the dubious distinction of 'supergroup'. Yet they're all still anonymous enough that you don't get the pretension that is usually attached to anything 'super'.

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24 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

Someday Ian Astbury and the boys might be able to play a concert based on scads of new material. Until then, the diehards who grew

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21 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

“I’m a Fucking Visionary”George Carlin Stays Hungry (and Angry) This isn’t my father’s George Carlin, to pervert a phrase, something Carlin

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20 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

Judging by the relatively small crowd that had gathered to see Brave Combo play once they’d ambled onstage just after 8:30 p.m. on a

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14 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

Built To Spill Tunes Up (Again and Again) Sometimes you’re too good for your own good. That’s not something that many fans of

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13 Jun 2001 // 3:00 PM

successfully wooed a near sellout crowd for it's first D.C. show on this tour. The crowd loved the band; the band loved the crowd. We all loved one another.

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28 May 2001 // 3:00 PM

29 May 2001: Manchester Apollo - Manchester, England.

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24 May 2001: Troubadour - Los Angeles.

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23 May 2001 // 3:00 PM

24 May 2001: The Mercury Lounge - New York.

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22 May 2001 // 3:00 PM

23 May 2001: Village Underground - New York.

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1 May 2001 // 3:00 PM

Icelandic musical phenomena Sigur Rós are the epitome of youth and isolation.

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30 Apr 2001 // 3:00 PM

1 May 2001: Irving Plaza - New York.

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19 Apr 2001 // 3:00 PM

20 April 2001: Town Hall - New York.

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8 Apr 2001 // 3:00 PM

9 April 2001: Black Cat - Washington DC.

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20 Mar 2001 // 2:00 PM

It was a real joy to see Mr. Hagerty play his guitar.

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19 Mar 2001 // 2:00 PM

20 March 2001: Dave's on Dickson - Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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16 Mar 2001 // 2:00 PM

I am slipping into nothingness. A strange nothingness this is though: a nothingness with substance.

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26 Feb 2001 // 2:00 PM

don't yet think of themselves as proper English rockstars.

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