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In ‘Duskers’, Knowledge Is the Most Important Resource of All

There are no good choices in Duskers, as the game constantly forces you to work with limited resources and, more importantly, with limited knowledge.

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‘The Minims’ Frustrates Rather Than Charms

I’m glad The Minims exists, though unfortunately I can’t say that I enjoyed my time with it.

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‘1979 Revolution: Black Friday’ Blurs the Line Between Fact and Fiction

I didn't know much about the Iranian revolution, and having played 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, I don't feel anymore informed on the matter.

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‘Danganronpa’ Considers the Consequences of Paternalism and the Horrors of Boredom

Danganronpa is a sometimes brutal, sometimes bizarre coming of age story, but sometimes the most graphic forms of representation are the most useful in exposing truths about growing up.

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The Walking Dead: Michonne’s Second Part Is All About Momentum

The real success of "Give No Shelter" is the episode's length, resulting in an episode moved along by pure momentum.

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‘Day of the Tentacle Remastered’: Remastering a Classic

Day of the Tentacle follows the structure of a Saturday morning cartoon. It also has the stakes of one.

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‘Samorost 3’ Is a Game About Observation and Interpretation

Despite occasional frustrations, Samorost 3 feels alive and wondrous and weird in a way that most games aren’t.

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‘Shardlight’ Offers a Different Take on the Apocalypse

In Shardlight survival as not an all encompassing good, but an activity that must be accomplished alongside other equally important aspects of life.

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On the Fatal Inertia in ‘ADR1FT’

After an intriguing opening, I found myself frustrated with how strong the concept of the game is compared to the game itself.

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‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Confronts the Issues of Surviving Grief and Trauma

Grief and trauma always seems a side venture to The Walking Dead's plots, never the central focus. Michonne seems to want to put these concerns front and center.

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‘Superhot’: It Is Super. It is Hot.

The rhythmic dance of bullet ballet, dodge and discharge, sidestep and slash, is a taste that is acquired, and you must acquire this taste. You must play Superhot.

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‘Dying Light: The Following’, or in Other Words, ‘Dying Light 1.5’

The Following brings the series forward one big step, only to take a similar step back, ending right where it began, which was already a pretty good place to be.

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Managing to Survive as ‘The Flame in the Flood’

Snakes, wolves, and bears are now more populous along the river than people. You aren't taming the wilderness. You are on the run from it.

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‘Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition’ Is Better Left in the Shadows

Shadows of Hong Kong seems more like a perfunctory Kickstarter obligation than a legitimate epilogue to the exceptional Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

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‘Firewatch’ Is Less about Observing the Wilderness Than It Is about Observing a Relationship

Firewatch manages to tell a sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic story about two isolated people in a very big, very wild world.

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‘The Witness’: Puzzles Are Teachers, Puzzles Are Bullies

The Witness is the most pleasant and educational descent/ascent into madness you’ll ever experience.

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Welcome to ‘Tharsis’. You’re Screwed.

I just ate an astronaut, and I don't feel even a little bit guilty about it.

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Spend the Night with the Characters of ‘Oxenfree’

Oxenfree is a small game, set in a small game universe, that offers some of the most authentic human drama that I've seen in any medium.

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‘Just Cause 3’: Fighting to Have Fun

A people's liberation has rarely come to feel like such a hassle.

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‘Guitar Hero Live’: Wait and See Before Reforming the Band

Playing the guitar in Guitar Hero Live is now more challenging, and challenge may not have universal appeal.

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