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‘The Witness’: Puzzles Are Teachers, Puzzles Are Bullies

The Witness is the most pleasant and educational descent/ascent into madness you’ll ever experience.

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Welcome to ‘Tharsis’. You’re Screwed.

I just ate an astronaut, and I don't feel even a little bit guilty about it.

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Spend the Night with the Characters of ‘Oxenfree’

Oxenfree is a small game, set in a small game universe, that offers some of the most authentic human drama that I've seen in any medium.

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‘Just Cause 3’: Fighting to Have Fun

A people's liberation has rarely come to feel like such a hassle.

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‘Guitar Hero Live’: Wait and See Before Reforming the Band

Playing the guitar in Guitar Hero Live is now more challenging, and challenge may not have universal appeal.

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Game of Thrones: Episode 6, “The Ice Dragon”

There is some great plotting and great reveals in episode 6. Unfortunately, this episode also reveals some hidden weaknesses of the game overall.

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Growing Apathetic to ‘Game of Thrones: Episode 4’ and ‘5’

The plot of Telltale's Game of Thrones continues with some new minor wrinkles, but on the whole, the experience has lost a sense of originality.

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‘The Beginner’s Guide’, A New Prison by the Developer of ‘The Stanley Parable’

The Beginner's Guide focuses on our relationship to a game's developer and how the way that we interpret games may or may not create impositions on games and their developers, on art and the artist.

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‘The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth’: Our Ongoing Love Affair with the Twisted Mind of Edmund McMillen

The evolution of this game corresponds to the core idea of Isaac himself, a steadily growing monstrosity that becomes continually more twisted and more interesting with each gross addition to itself.

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‘Bedlam’: A Tour of 90s Era Gaming

Bedlam starts with such potential, but squanders all of it by the end.

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You’ll Move Through ‘Skyshine’s Bedlam’ Like a Board Game

Skyshine's Bedlam is an inviting roguelike that proves the journey is more important than the destination.

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‘Super Mario Maker’: A Populist Reinterpretation of a Classic

Super Mario Maker contains within it everything that 2D Mario has ever been and ultimately everything it will ever be. It encapsulates and presents Mario in both his best and worst light.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a good story told by a terrible storyteller.

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‘Dream’ Makes a Case for the Waking Life

Far be it for me to decide for you what your opinions on walking simulators are, but Dream is one caught between the worlds of self-proclaimed “art games” and traditionally designed goal-oriented games.

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‘Kyn’ Is a Straightforward Enough RPG in the Best Way Possible

Kyn is generic, but somehow it is generic in the most intriguing way that a fantasy game could be.

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24 Aug 2015 // 6:42 AM

Sorcery!: Episode 3

If you don't limit me by telling me what is possible, then I'll be far more interested in the journey that I have been sent on.

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‘The 100 Greatest Console Video Games’ Chooses Style Over Substance

This is an accessible boilerplate encyclopedia of vintage game history that eschews analysis for rudimentary information and attractive presentation.

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Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Is Today

Some of Dead Synchronicity's attempts at “ripping away the veneer of civility to show man's true nature” are downright comical.

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‘Godzilla’ Holds Its Fun Hostage

Godzilla is a love letter to the giant lizard in all his incarnations, and it's a cynical abuse of that love.

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