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Wednesday, March 6 2013

Cognition—Episode 2—The Wise Monkey

The material is still grist for an airport novel thriller, but there is good airport novel thriller and there is bad airport novel thriller. “The Wise Monkey” falls squarely into the former category.

Monday, March 4 2013

A New Beginning: Final Cut

Many environmentally conscious games can easily get preachy. For a moment, A New Beginning looks like an effort to escape that tendency. But then it doesn't.

Friday, March 1 2013

Oozi: Earth Adventure

Oozi is a perfectly passable platformer, aside from one major flaw.

Wednesday, February 27 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Whether you're looking for conspiracy theories about memetic war propaganda or you simply want to slice a helicopter into a thousand pieces, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance delivers.

Friday, February 22 2013

Dead Space 3

This is sci-fi action interspersed with some of the most memorable disaster sequences ever seen in a game. There’s little to no horror, and that’s a good thing.

Monday, February 18 2013

Expeditions Conquistador

Expeditions Conquistador is an alternate history, in which the player is put in the position of South America’s conquerors. Most of the game is centered on exploration and resource management with some sparse but important combat and dialogue trees mixed in. To say the least, it’s extraordinarily bold to handle such sensitive material in such a “game-like” fashion.

Wednesday, February 13 2013

Omerta: City of Gangsters

The more one plays the larger economic game, the more one admires the game's commitment to marrying its mechanics to its themes.

Monday, February 11 2013

Kentucky Route Zero: Act I

This is a game about forward momentum and going nowhere.

Friday, February 1 2013

DmC: Devil May Cry

In a sense, the new Dante feels a bit like a Twilight-ified version of the original devil hunter.

Tuesday, January 29 2013

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a game made by artists. This is evidenced by the meandering story that occasionally threatens to get interesting, only to lose its way again almost immediately.

Monday, January 28 2013

Cognition—Episode 1—The Hangman

Cognition manages to establish an interesting character in psychic detective Erica Reed and a pretty decent mystery that makes sense within the game’s own world.

Friday, January 25 2013

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Whereas Burnout: Paradise is about the joy and devil-may-care freedom of being behind the wheel and Hot Pursuit is about the thrill of the chase, Most Wanted is about the myth of the car.

Wednesday, January 23 2013

The Journey Down: Chapter One

At just over two hours of gameplay, The Journey Down: Chapter One just a flicker of a game, but it’s brilliant enough and leaves behind an appealing ghost when it’s finished.

Sunday, January 20 2013

Ninja Sprint

Ninja Sprint is what happens when you take the "endless" out of "endless runner".

Friday, January 18 2013

‘Far Cry 3’ Is One of the Greatest Games of This Console Generation

The islands themselves are Far Cry's breakout stars, and what makes the game so enthralling is the constant sense of fear that exploring them provokes.

Wednesday, January 16 2013


Grimind feels like an unfinished game because it’s constantly at odds with itself.

Monday, January 14 2013

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

There's a certain rhythm that permeates a well-designed Battlefield 3 level.

Friday, January 11 2013

One Game to Rule Them All: ‘Lego The Lord of the Rings’

Over the past few years for many viewers seeing The Lord of the Rings together made the films into family events. And it is the "family event," the co-op mode, of the video game that is by far the best thing about this game.

Wednesday, January 9 2013

Do I Even Want to Be a Part of the Audience of ‘Mugen Souls’?

If we really crane our necks, maybe we could see in Mugen Souls a satire of the modern JRPG. It follows the tropes to the letter, and tends to point them out along the way. Still, even if we take its everything-to-11 over-the-top approach as satire, it has nothing to say.

Monday, January 7 2013

The Star Trek PADD iPad App Boldly Improves on the Trek Trivia Experience

The proprietors of Star Trek’s 24th century, CBS Interactive, have released the second generation of the Star Trek PADD software for Apple’s arcane (by 24th century standards) iPad.

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