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In ‘Jane’s Addiction: Live Voodoo’, the Air Is Charged with an Electricity that’s Felt Even on DVD

On Halloween, 2009, a reunited Jane’s Addiction cast a spell over the crowd at the Voodoo Experience music and arts festival in New Orleans, a ritual exquisitely documented on Jane's Addiction: Live Voodoo.

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‘Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire’ Is Presented With a Naked, Visual Immediacy

Gorgeous cinematography, resonant audio quality and reverent intimacy combine with stunning live concert performances and candid off-stage sequences to show Cohen at the peak of his popularity and the top of his game.

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Seems Some Detours Were Taken In ‘Jackson Browne: Going Home’

Like so many artists who came into their own in the '70s (Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young), Browne couldn’t figure out the post-new wave Reagan years.

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‘The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring the Beatles’: A Generational Divide

More than 'just' the Beatles, it’s worth sitting through every second of every show to pretend you were there when it really happened, to see what entertainment and advertising were like in a bygone era and why a band singing about holding hands hit the country like an A-bomb.

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Black Sabbath: Classic Albums: Paranoid

Black Sabbath's classic second album is given a throrough dissection on one of the best releases in the Classic Albums series.

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‘You Really Got Me’ Really, Really Got to Me

This utterly abominable hatchet job makes an unforgivable hash of one of the great bands of the British Invasion.

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Clutch: Live at the 9:30—You Won’t Hear a More ‘Fluid’ Live Show Than This

Featuring a performance of their first album, Clutch's latest live DVD is a guaranteed fan pleaser.

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Tupac Appears at the House of Blues, Briefly

Celebrating Death Row Records’ heyday of success and hedonism rather than the performance talents of Tupac Shakur, Tupac: Live at the House of Blues is a concert film that leaves a lot to be desired.

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No One Has Ever Done Anything as Well as John Coltrane Played the Saxophone

If there is any artist worthy of celebration in our contemporary American Idol Apocalypse, John Coltrane should serve as both antidote and inspiration.

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28 Apr 2010 // 10:00 PM

In Search of Beethoven

Director Phil Grabsky has skillfully interwoven Beethoven’s personal life with his musical life to create an illuminating study of a genius.

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Solos, the Jazz Sessions - Andrew Hill / Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Lee Konitz

With his circling hi-def cameras, colored lighting, and dramatic angles, Daniel K. Berman has given some great jazz the royal treatment.

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T.A.M.I. Show Collector’s Edition

The pop acts are united by boundless energy, overenthusiastic talent, a wicked back-beat, and the overly polished performance style one gets from an entertainment industry predicated on social Darwinism.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live

Twenty-five years is a lot to put into context, but someone should have at least tried.

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Odessey and Oracle (Revisited): The 40th Anniversary Concert

In March of 2008, the four surviving original members of The Zombies reunited to perform their masterpiece four decades after disbanding. The result is this breathtaking show.

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23 Feb 2010 // 9:59 PM

Soul Power

I am... Somebody, chants the crowd in one of Rev Jesse Jackson’s favourite call-and-response lines, a summary of the basic themes of the Pan-African program. I am... Somebody! Thrilling stuff.

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The Devil Went Home and Puked: Robert Pollard’s Rock Show

Sorry Guided By Voices fans, but there's no nice way to put it: this tedious, bewildering, and often unwatchable collage of rare home video footage of Dayton's favorite indie rock heroes is just flat out terrible.

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15 Feb 2010 // 9:58 PM

Thin Lizzy: Are You Ready

Thin Lizzy: Are You Ready features the 110 minute, 1981 live performance originally recorded for the German television program Rockpalast.

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11 Feb 2010 // 9:59 PM

Meshuggah: Alive

A combination of the powerful and the avant-garde, Meshuggah is as visceral and imposing an act as you'll ever see and hear.

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Blackfield: Live in New York City

A solid document of a 2007 performance from the Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen-fronted band. But with only two albums out, a live CD/DVD seems a bit superfluous.

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19 Jan 2010 // 9:59 PM

Rolling Stones: In the 1960s

This two-disc set is a decent attempt at encapsulating the group's early career -- a formidable task given the complexities of both the band and the era.

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