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	Various Artists: Soul Comes Home: A Celebration of Stax Records and Memphis Soul Music [CD and DVD]

If you really care, you have a favorite. A die-hard fan of the Boston Red Sox is so consumed with his passion that there is

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2 May 2004 // 11:00 PM

	Ray Paul: Performance Reel, Volumes 1 & 2 [DVD]

Outside of the Boston area, Ray Paul’s greatest musical accomplishment was the founding of Permanent Press Records. Toward the end of the ‘90s, the

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	The Cramps: Live at the Napa State Mental Hospital [DVD]

The Cramps are undeniably one of the most important bands to come out the US during the 1970s. They all but single-handedly invented the so-called “

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	Nat King Cole: Soundies and Telescriptions [DVD]

Existing for less than a decade during the 1940s, soundies were a precursor to MTV and a rival to jukeboxes. These three-minute, black and white

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	Tears for Fears: 20th Century Masters: The DVD Collection [DVD]

In a recent Simpsons episode, there is a shot panning across a junkyard. There are signs at the top of each pile, each one a

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	Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley: The Frank Sinatra Show—Welcome Home Elvis [DVD]

There’s Sinatra, Elvis, and the Beatles, and nobody else comes close—the holy trinity of 20th century music performers. Bing Crosby was an early

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	Superchunk: Crowding up Your Visual Field [DVD]

The central focus of Superchunk‘s Crowding up Your Visual Field is documenting the band’s career thus far through the 12 music videos that they’

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18 Apr 2004 // 11:00 PM

	Jewel: Live at Humphrey’s by the Bay [DVD]

Ever since Bruce Springsteen’s rise about a quarter century ago, authenticity in pop stars has become a fetish among consumers, and since the music

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	Bob Marley and the Wailers: Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers [DVD]

No other Jamaican singer has colonized the consciousness of the record buying public quite like Bob Marley. Marley became not only a superstar in the ‘7

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	The Dead Kennedys: In God We Trust, Inc. - The Lost Tapes [DVD]

The Dead Kennedys were one of the most important, potent and controversial punk bands to emerge in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. A virulent

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	The Blasters: Live: Going Home [CD and DVD]

We’re gonna play this evening ‘til we draw a crowd.—Phil Alvin OK, so I’ve got this music theory, and the Blasters are

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11 Apr 2004 // 11:00 PM

	James Brown: James Brown: Soul Survivor [DVD]

The Godfather of Soul is an enigmatic figure shrouded in myth, more legend than man. Most are aware of the indelible mark he has left

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	Various Artists: Non-Stop Hip Hop: The Videos [DVD]

In many ways, every mainstream hip-hop act is a singles act. Because the race among fans to find the latest hot rapper, producer, or label

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	Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Live in Barcelona [DVD]

This is a rock and roll show. This is a big, loud concert experience. This is Bruce Springsteen live. I’m sitting watching the Bruce

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	The Beatles with Tony Sheridan: The Beginnings in Hamburg: A Documentary [DVD]

This DVD purports to document the Beatles’ early years in Hamburg, Germany, when Allen Williams, the group’s first manager, booked them to play strip-bars-turned-beat-clubs

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	Tabla Beat Science: Talamanam Sound Clash: Further Adventures in Hypercussion [DVD]

This DVD is basically everything I thought I wanted: a visual representation of one of my favorite live albums ever, 2002’s Live at Stern Grove

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	Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin: Nine Hundred Nights [DVD]

Big Brother, good or bad, were caught in some remarkable crosswinds, and the tension of occupying their position makes compelling drama.

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28 Mar 2004 // 11:00 PM

	Boyz II Men: 20th Century Masters - DVD Collection

Nothing says ‘90s R&B like Boyz II Men. The clichéd turn of phrase, the idiosyncratic spelling, the romantic suggestion of manhood, all

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	Jethro Tull: A New Day Yesterday 1969-1994: The 25th Anniversary Collection [DVD]

Okay, okay, let me just say this up-front: I used to really like Jethro Tull. We all were, kinda, in our little junior high circle,

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21 Mar 2004 // 11:00 PM


Finally, a DVD from one of the most groundbreaking German bands in the history of recorded music. Holger Czukay, Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebeziet, Michael Karoli,

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