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Keith Urban: Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing

The Aussie pop-country crooner alternately plays it safe and stretches his musical boundaries on his latest, chart-topping release.

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Various Artists: Queer Noises 1961-1978

It must be said that Queer Noises brims with good intentions but most of these songs should have remained in the closet.

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7 Feb 2007 // 8:00 PM

Tony DeSare: Last First Kiss

Tony DeSare’s songs rank up there with the all-time favorite jazz standards. His lush arrangements and captivating phrases stir the emotions.

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The Beyonders: Time Capsule

The concept ("we are futuristic emcees determined to save hip-hop") is cool, but the execution ("we're saving hip-hop by telling you we're saving hip-hop") could use some work.

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6 Feb 2007 // 8:03 PM

The Penny Loafers: Quicksand

This may be it -- this may be the album that puts the Penny Loafers back on track toward some serious national recognition.

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6 Feb 2007 // 8:02 PM

Siiri Nordin: Me Too

Competent but never thrilling release from ex-lead singer of Finnish pop band Killer.

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6 Feb 2007 // 8:01 PM

The Gentle Rain: Moody

Before tricking out albums by Radiohead, Bjork, and David Bowie, British producer and arranger Nick Ingman cut his teeth orchestrating records for genteel pop personas

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Norah Jones: Not Too Late

Not Too Late is a lovely set of songs, both bittersweet and powerful, that reassures us that pop music can be beautiful and genuine.

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Youth Group: Casino Twilight Dogs

Australia's Youth Group add another album of midtempo, sensitive indie rock to an already crowded marketplace.

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The Green Pajamas: The Night Races Into Anna

A collection of lethargic naptime music from Seattle's paisley popsters.

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Eric Dolphy Quintet: Outward Bound

Listening to Eric Dolphy’s Outward Bound is like seeing a familiar movie dubbed in a different language: it disorients and ultimately delights.

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Paul Stanley: Live To Win

After 28 years Paul Stanley releases his first non-KISS branded solo album. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is a fun but not very satisfying chunk of slick, over-chewed bubble gum.

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6 Feb 2007 // 8:00 PM

Lauren Wood: Love, Death & Customer Service

Lauren Wood's name is synonymous with good music. The songstress who penned "Fallen" from the movie Pretty Woman is spectacular on her new release.

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6 Feb 2007 // 8:00 PM

Ampline: Rosary

Ampline is primarily about instrumentals—spacey, weird, grand, large, and interesting instrumentals. After the “Your Tongue or Your Life” intro, the group settle into a

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6 Feb 2007 // 8:00 PM

Cut City: Exit Decades

Sweden's Cut City turns a respectful eye towards the gods of '80s post-punk on its debut album.

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Chicken on a Raft: Chicken on a Raft

A record titled Chicken on a Raft is hard to pass up—but come to find out, even harder to put down. This disc of

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5 Feb 2007 // 8:02 PM

Tor Lundvall: Yule

Still juiced up from the holiday season? Is your blood pressure still running at about 240/150? Has the protruding vein in the middle of your forehead

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5 Feb 2007 // 8:01 PM

Domino: Everyone Else Is Boring

Producer/DJ Mark Ronson, known for his sceney fashion and remixes full of funky beats and big horn sections, turns his attention to Domino Kirke

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Titan: A Raining Sun of Light and Love For You and You and You…

After a choppy take-off, the Brooklyn band settles in, setting its controls for the heart of the sun.

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Mic Mulligan & S. Future (Specs One): Original Space Neighbors

Space-age hip-hop. Another frontier. These are the continuing voyages of the starship PopMatters. To seek out new beats and doper emcees. To boldly go where no ears have gone before.

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