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	The Bevis Frond: London Stone

Bevis Frond's follow-up to their classic New River Head finally arrives in America, and its blend of indie and classic rock could not have come at a better time.

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	Various Artists: Bargrooves: Cosmopolitan

Believe me, there is such a thing as cheesy house, and for the most part -- despite the packaging -- this is not cheesy house.

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	Thee Shams: Sign the Line

Thee Shams have expanded their sound to include traces of psychedelia, Southern rock, the British invasion, Led Zeppelin, and '70s AM radio.

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	The Slits: Live at the Gibus Club

This live set shows that the Slits, during their initial run, may have been the most explosive and vicious act in the early British punk scene.

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	Dolly Parton: The Essential Dolly Parton

Everyone needs a little Dolly.

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14 Sep 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Jason Mraz: Mr. A-Z

You will like this album if you find its title amusing.

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	James Kolchaka Superstar: Our Most Beloved

The recordings of James Kolchaka are a barometer for your expectations of what music should be.

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	Giant Drag: Hearts and Unicorns

Listening to Giant Drag is nowhere near the colossal downer its name implies, but rather one of many joyful ironies surrounding the band's excellent debut.

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	Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten

The UK pop star attempts to win over America, and unlike her peers, she just might succeed.

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	Various Artists: Putumayo Presents Italian Café

Well, they do have Starbucks in Italy. This collection of quaint Italian music is exactly what you'd expect from Putumayo.

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13 Sep 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Susumu Yokota: Symbol

At its best, Symbol seamlessly combines samples drawn from throughout the history of western music into compositions that carry their own distinct identity.

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	Laura Veirs: Year of Meteors

Nature's elfin balladeer returns with a clutch of songs for couples, adding scorch marks of passion to the (c)old black lines on the backs of her gentle hands.

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	Koufax: Hard Times Are in Fashion

They, too, don't wanna be to be American idiots.

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	Jack’s Mannequin: Everything in Transit

Something Corporate's lead singer softens the band's already pretty soft edge and creates the first adult contemporary CD with a parental advisory sticker.

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	The Frank & Joe Show: 66 2/3

If you are looking for something sweet to lift your spirits, The Frank and Joe Show will show you a good time.

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	Donovan: Try For the Sun: The Journey of Donovan

Always-mellow 1960s folkie Donovan is given true hero status, quite rightly.

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	Cranes: Particles and Waves

Cranes have put together an understated, subtle, and often utterly beautiful album. Still, the opinion of anyone who hears it will come down to one thing...

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	Various Artists: Swing Around the World

Burdened only with excruciatingly uninformed notes, this mishmash represents what the label's proprietor calls 'swing': pop that used to be called novelty, commonly with singing and swinging, jazz or cajun or South African vocal group -- you can't imagine!"

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12 Sep 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Gene Watson: Then & Now

Acclaimed country singer returns by dusting off gems with a style and grace worthy of comparisons to Nelson, Jennings, Haggard and Parton.

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	Dave Seaman: Audio Therapy Presents Across Borders: Greece

This is a collection of fine, very British progressive house that happens to come from Greece.

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