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	Richard Thompson: Live From Austin, TX

While 'Live' is not the jaw-dropping Richard Thompson live album that must exist somewhere on tape, it has plenty to remind people why Thompson remains one of music's most talented -- and criminally underappreciated -- artists.

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	Orange Park: Songs from the Unknown

New York band chooses the summer sounds of California rather than the garage rock of Hell's Kitchen to get its point across.

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	Marian McPartland & Elvis Costello: Piano Jazz: McPartland/Costello

Legendary singer-songwriter's appearance on long-running NPR program finds him performing some of his favorite ballads.

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	Keith LeBlanc: Stop the Confusion (Global Interference)

A solid career retrospective from one of the more important no-names in modern popular music.

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	The Free Design: The Now Sound Redesigned

This remix album uses remixers such as Madlib, Sterolab, and Danger Mouse in order to seduce listeners into the sonically rich world of '60s sunshine pop greats, the Free Design.

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25 Jul 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Adam Beyer: Fabric 22

This is a mostly old-school, pounding techno mix that draws a direct lineage to the electrified thump of Detroit producers such as Juan Atkins and Derrick May.

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	Kevin Tihista: Home Demons Volume 1

Home and studio outtakes culled from a massive backlog of work by one of Chicago's finest. There are duds to be sure, but even they sound purposeful.

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	Smog: A River Ain’t Too Much to Love

The bedrock of virtually every Smog songs remains Callahan's deliberate guitar playing, often clipped arpeggio triplets sounding chords with no embellishment, and his nonpareil voice, the perfect instrument for relating his elusive first-person parables.

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	Carolyn Mark: Just Married: An Album of Duets

Vancouver, British Columbia singer duets with 14 of her friends on what is sort of an indie answer to Sinatra's 1993 Duets album. But without all the massive ego clashes. (No Kenny G either.).

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	Ahmad Jamal: After Fajr

An extremely lively veteran, piano virtuoso boss of a three-man symphony orchestra, only the years have given Jamal some headway as an American institution much less regarded in Europe.

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	I Self Divine: Self Destruction

I Self Divine spits consciousness, updates the state of race relations, and documents life from the Minneapolis perspective.

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	Groundtruther (Bobby Previte and Charlie Hunter with DJ Logic): Longitude

This jazz-jam venture in rhythm and texture could be the soundtrack to a David Cronenberg film. Alas, it is not.

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24 Jul 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Des Ark: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Yet another indie record that could have benefited from a little bit more spit and shine.

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	Collective Soul: From the Ground Up

Collective Soul returns yet again with an acoustic set of tunes that are dusted off and basically de-amped with pretty good results.

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	Chris Whitley: Soft Dangerous Shores

Latest studio album from should-be legendary singer-guitarist is an amalgam of genres ruled by heat and passion. One of the year's most unexpected surprises.

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	Prefuse 73: Surrounded by Silence

Prefuse 73 loses the magical touch, filling out this album's incoherent and gaping holes with guest appearances.

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	Oxford Collapse: A Good Ground

Starting off badly but correcting itself quickly makes Oxford Collapse's new album a great leap from last go-round.

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	Lali Puna: I Thought I Was Over That

A pick'n'mix B-sides compilation that's more miss than hit, best in small rocking doses but served in a sprawled daze. Essentially non-essential.

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	Sara Lazarus: Give Me the Simple Life

American ex-pat jazz singer releases her first disc since winning the Monk award a decade ago.

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21 Jul 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Waldemar Bastos: Renascence

Angolan music is heavily influenced by Portuguese and Brazilian music. This, of course, makes Waldemar Bastos' new album the most listenable music of the year.

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