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	Forest: Forest

If you're a deaf, tramp-like, fire-eating, unicyclist elf, then Forest might just offer the soundtrack to your life.

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	Echo and the Bunnymen: Siberia

On their last couple of albums, the Bunnymen sounded like men mired in self-doubt. On Siberia, they've ditched the doubt and rediscovered their strengths: melody, romance, and that glorious guitar of Will Sergeant.

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25 Sep 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Badi Assad: Verde

Assad's guitar technique and arrangements are impeccable, her singing sweet and alluring, her experimental flourishes tasteful and never intrusive -- all of which comes largely at the sacrifice of passion.

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	Various Artists: Latin Travels 2

Latin Travels 2 is all about the dance, and at that it succeeds -- just don't go into it looking for education.

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	Various Artists: The Best of Shel Silverstein: His Words, His Songs, His Friends

Those who approach the material with an open mind and a sense of humor will find a treasure trove of great American storytelling here.

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	The Sun: Blame It on the Youth

The first DVD album in the world comes from the Sun. Fourteen videos plus 14 songs equals 28 things that could go wrong. Surprisingly, not many things do.

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The Kingsbury Manx: The Fast Rise and Fall of the South

Pastoral North Carolinians take a field trip to the Kinks' Village Green, with so-so results.

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22 Sep 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Jamiroquai: Dynamite

Another 21st century rehash of classic soul, served with a side of disco kitsch.

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	Himuro: Mild Fantasy Violence

For now, may the androids alone dream of electric sheep.

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	Miles Davis: The Cellar Door Sessions 1970

Another sumptuous box set from the Columbia Miles Davis archives features the Live Evil Cellar Door band -- turning the corner from jazz to stellar jam-funk of the highest order.

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	Dropsonic: Insects with Angel Wings

Like The Cult a generation before, Dropsonic has picked up the heavy metal-cum-post-punk mantle and run with it. But for being what could amount to the heir to an heir, Dropsonic is successful.

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	Super Furry Animals: Love Kraft

Depending on how you choose to perceive it, the band's orchestral seventh album is either one of its greatest achievements or one of its most pedestrian.

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	Prefuse 73: Reads the Books EP

It reads like a tale of two warriors who couldn't quite win the big battle, and are furiously polishing their tarnished armor to do battle again.

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	Head of Femur: Hysterical Stars

Head of Femur transforms from a power trio to an orchestra at the drop of a hat, making their music both sexier and more heartbreaking.

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21 Sep 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Alex Gold: Backfromabreak

The record swerves in and out of electronic music history, reflecting a wide variety of the most popular sounds of the last decade while retaining a distinctly appealing and atmospheric production style.

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	Decomposure: At Home and Unaffected

Take piano pop. Stuff it in a blender. Push purée. Record to compact disc. Enjoy.

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	David Allan Coe: Penitentiary Blues

Early work written behind bars shows it was only a matter of time, lest he do more time, that David Allan Coe would make his mark.

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	Bring Back the Buffalo: Bring Back the Buffalo

A tale of two techno geniuses: One finds his voice; they both go Postal Service.

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	Gerald Veasley: At the Jazz Base!

Philly bassist takes a local band into his own club and turns up the heat.

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