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‘Dissent & Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC’ Is a Radical Revelation

Period adaptations, pagan pastorals, hard-hitting experimenta, and Bowie in Brecht: the BFI’s collection of Alan Clarke’s work at the BBC is essential, revelatory viewing.

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Lewis Carroll’s Alice Goes Digital in the Ambitious New Musical ‘’

Damon Albarn and Moira Buffini’s musical is set in the contemporary world of social media, RPGs, and mean-girls, with results that veer from ingenious to awkward.

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In ‘Theatre of the Unimpressed’, Failure Is the Great Subversion

Jordan Tannahill's book is full of provocative insights and exciting examples of theatre that is striving to resist the mediocrity that bores audiences the world over.

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The New York Philharmonic’s ‘Sweeney Todd’ Truly Earns Its Standing Ovations

The New York Philharmonic's resurrection of Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, starring Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson, proves to be one of the most delightfully wicked evenings of theater in recent memory.

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‘Mistakes Were Made’: Barrow Street Theatre, New York

With irony and extremely funny dialogue, West Village playwright Craig Wright nails modern angst on a theatrical cross -- for redemption in the beauty of a seriously flawed world.

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Animal Crackers: 18 September-25 October 2009 - Chicago

Eighty years have passed since the Broadway debut of this work and another national economic crying time greets the Goodman’s production, but we can laugh until we pass out and forget our troubles in the meantime.

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Mary Stuart: 20 April 2009 - Broadhurst Theatre, New York

Portrayed by the explosively accessible Janet McTeer, Mary Stuart demands our attention, lures our senses, and holds our hearts with a blend of power and tenderness

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12 Apr 2009 // 9:59 PM

Pangs of the Messiah

Lerner's characters lean to one-dimension; their humanity never makes its presence known as they perform high acts of cruelty and treason, even amongst one another.

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7 Apr 2009 // 10:00 PM


As anyone who’s attempted to shake themselves loose from a diseased family tree can tell you, it’s not the branches that eternally grasp and devour the soul; it’s the root that can never be excised.

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Eugene O’Neill’s “The Hairy Ape”

It’s as if O’Neill had a fever dream of our present times as we too, fear we are little more than hairy apes.

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Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Desire Under the Elms’

This is allegory for the modern reality-show line-up – its classic Jerry Springer and Maury Povich on perpetual familial loop.

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Eugene O’Neill’s Zona de Guerra (In the Zone)

At the time this was authored, Germany’s Kaiser was decimating young soldiers with mustard gas, American organized crime was providing an economy for the neglected ethnic masses ... not much has changed since.

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"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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