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Sunday, November 17 2013

Separate Unequal, and ‘Almost Human’

Where Almost Human differs from many of its predecessors and peers is the way it seems to revel in unreflexive prejudice.

Wednesday, November 6 2013

In ‘Mad Men: Season Six’ Don Draper Tells the Truth, Slowly

At its dark core, Mad Men is an epic poem to rapacious capitalism.

Monday, November 4 2013

‘Tales from the Organ Trade’ is a Terrifying Story of the Vast Disparities in Desperation

Even apart from the crass motives in the market of human kidneys, the stakes for recipients and donors remain brutal and urgent.

Saturday, November 2 2013

‘Big History’ Takes a New Look at the Past and How It Shapes the Future

Big History the show, and big history, the discipline, may be just what we need to help solve the many problems facing us today.

Thursday, October 31 2013

When the ‘American Promise’ Strains the Bonds of Friendship

Like the boys in Hoop Dreams, these kids are able to tackle head on the myriad challenges facing black youth in today's America.

Tuesday, October 29 2013

Jimmy Connors’ So-Called Showmanship Is the Focus of ‘30 for 30: This Is What They Want’

"I don't apologize for anything," says Jimmy Connors, "Not now, never."

Friday, October 25 2013

This American ‘Dracula’ Proves to Be Simply Irresistible to the English

Traipsing around Victorian London, from high-class parties to low bohemian absinthe halls, this Dracula poses as an American businessman and has no trouble exerting his influence over the ladies.

Wednesday, October 23 2013

‘30 for 30: Big Shot’: Hockey, Money, and False Promises

Johne Spano fooled everyone. The fall, rise and fall of the New York Islanders.

Tuesday, October 8 2013

‘Frontline: League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis’

If only ten percent of mothers are convinced that their sons should not play football, that it is a "dangerous sport", suggests one unnamed NFL representative, "That is the end of football."

Monday, October 7 2013

‘Valentine Road’ Shows That Complicity for the Brutal Murder of a Child Is Far-Reaching

Again and again, adults in Valentine Road fail the children in their charge.

Sunday, October 6 2013

‘The Paradise’: The Pleasures and Pains of Shopping

Denise isn’t entirely dazzled by Moray’s charm. She’s more taken with his business acumen than his wearying, constant flirting.

Wednesday, October 2 2013

Blair Underwood Is the Angry Black Man in ‘Ironside’

In practice, Ironside is intense, sexually active, and 40-something -- his anger a compelling reaction to a dazzling career cut short.

‘Super Fun Night’ Surpasses Insecurities

As in Pitch Perfect and Pain & Gain, Rebel Wilson uses her size to comic effect, such as when she engages in full-on battle with her Spanx on.

Monday, September 30 2013

‘Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey’ on PBS

Don’t Stop Believin’ explores the complexity of Arne Pinedal's position, in Journey and in a broader context that includes all kinds of expectations.

Sunday, September 29 2013

The Sex Research Pioneers Come to Premium Cable in ‘Masters of Sex’

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are engaging, and the first episode hints at further intrigue to come.

Friday, September 27 2013

‘Hello Ladies’: Self-Delusions in LA

Telegraphing Stuart's loneliness through takeout dinners and microwave meals only goes so far. Hello Ladies pushes that mood even further, showing the isolation he feels in crowds.

Thursday, September 26 2013

The CBS Comedies ‘The Crazy Ones’ and ‘The Millers’ Are Not Helping Their Stars

These two new sitcoms on CBS could have been called Robin and Sarah Michelle and The Will Arnett Show.

‘Parenthood’, or, Beating One’s Head Against the Wall

For its last four seasons, Parenthood has owned the territory of manufactured middle-class angst.

Wednesday, September 25 2013

‘SEC Storied: The Book of Manning’: Archie and His Boys

You might know about Peyton and Eli's NFL careers and even Archie's with the Saints. What you might not recall is this film's primary revelation, in footage of Archie playing for Ole MIss.

Tuesday, September 24 2013

Joss Whedon Is Back on TV with ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

With the help of Joss Whedon's cleverness, develop S.H.I.E.L.D. into an entertaining series, offering something like a mini-Marvel movie every week.

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