Revolvers, Redemption, and Yasujiro Ozus Silent Film Experimentation With Crime Drama

Revolvers, Redemption, and Yasujiro Ozu’s Silent Film Experimentation With Crime Drama

By Michael Curtis Nelson

Like Jean-Luc Godard and other French directors who were later influenced by the American crime film tradition, Japan's own Yasujiro Ozu made the genre his own. 5 May 2015 // 1:10 AM

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Diane Birch: Speak a Little Louder

For those that do not bother to pay much attention to lyrics or melodic variation, this album will kick butt.

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5 Nov 2013 // 2:01 AM

Holy Ghost!: Dynamics

Dynamics has a few decent songs, some filler, and nothing that will alter your perception of music.

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Daniel Bjarnason: Over Light Earth

The link between the album's three movements is loosely sonic, but more rooted in the impressive breadth and malleability of Bjarnason's skill.

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4 Nov 2013 // 11:30 AM

Pink Martini: Get Happy

Pink Martini’s sixth solo album Get Happy seldom succeeds in finding a balance between eclecticism and cohesiveness. Lost in the pursuit of that happiness, the band seems to have unsuccessfully recaptured the magic they left behind with third album Hey Eugene.

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‘Tales from the Organ Trade’ is a Terrifying Story of the Vast Disparities in Desperation

Even apart from the crass motives in the market of human kidneys, the stakes for recipients and donors remain brutal and urgent.

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4 Nov 2013 // 10:30 AM

Royal Bangs: Brass

Kitchen-sink indie rockers start to think about kinda, maybe growing up.

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Matthew McConaughey Plays an Inadvertent AIDS Activist in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

The mobile framing in this film, so insistent, so aggressive throughout this experience, helps to sustain not only your emotional investment but also your understanding of what's at issue here.

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