A Cosmic Crescendo

A Cosmic Crescendo

By Jack Fisher

An epic crossover involving cosmic power ends in a way that's satisfying without the specter of tragedy. 28 Apr 2015 // 7:05 AM

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1 Nov 2013 // 1:02 AM

The Internet: Feel Good

Progressive in spirit yet battling the sensibilities of soul, Feel Good exemplifies the modern soul movement.

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1 Nov 2013 // 1:01 AM

Jagwar Ma: Howlin’

Jagwar Ma update the Madchester sound on their debut Howlin’, creating vibrant dance rock psychedelia that is as funky as it is beautiful. This album is very much worth your time and attention.

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When the ‘American Promise’ Strains the Bonds of Friendship

Like the boys in Hoop Dreams, these kids are able to tackle head on the myriad challenges facing black youth in today's America.

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It’s Refreshing to Read an Essay That’s Not Trying to Tap Dance Its Way Into Your Heart

David Lazar's writing in Occasional Desire: Essays is personal yet scholarly, funny yet melancholy, familiar and warm, yet experimental and original.

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Love Is a Karaoke Bar in ‘Turn Around Bright Eyes’

Rob Sheffield returns with an inspiring love story and musical memoir that is also funny, touching, and smart.

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‘War Witch’ is a Remarkable Statement on Resilience and Agency

Set in war-torn sub-Saharan Africa, War Witch presents a teen's view of war without political overtures.

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31 Oct 2013 // 1:06 AM

Arcade Fire: Reflektor

With Arcade Fire becoming Hollywood staples, are they remaining true to their intelligent, independent roots or do they suffer from branching out so far?

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Gross Ghost: Public Housing

Gross Ghost's Public Housing may be fuzzed out, but its more fiberglass insulation than gauze. It may seem comfortable in its catchiness, but make no mistake, there are traces and shards in there, stuff that will cut.

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Rob Sheffield Shows Us How to Talk to Girls

Sheffield is a supersmart, insightful, funny, passionate fan who delights in the visceral and communal pleasures of popular music.

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31 Oct 2013 // 1:04 AM

Luke Temple: Good Mood Fool

Why would a songwriter who’d built up a respectable career in the indie world torpedo a thoughtful discography with an album that sounds like Paul Simon covering Prince? Well, for one, because it’s awesome.

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