A Cosmic Crescendo

A Cosmic Crescendo

By Jack Fisher

An epic crossover involving cosmic power ends in a way that's satisfying without the specter of tragedy. 28 Apr 2015 // 7:05 AM

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24 Oct 2013 // 1:03 AM

Gov’t Mule: Shout!

Southern Rock is alive and well through Gov't Mule. So is jazz ... and jam band music ... and funk ... and ... and...

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Horseback: A Plague of Knowing

Odds-and-sods compilations are a tough proposition, for sure, but if you’re able to crack their code, much like the one surrounding Horseback, you’ll find a wealth of excess, a musical cup overflowing with ideas, vitality, and energy, always on its way towards becoming something else, something greater.

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The Ketamines: You Can’t Serve Two Masters

Focused and entertaining garage psych from the man who took on the Canadian music industry

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23 Oct 2013 // 11:30 AM

Kevin Hufnagel: Ashland

Kevin Hufnagel is a musician who generally deals in intense, steely and complex riffs. However, on his new album, Ashland, he steps right off the metal pedal, producing a set of baritone and eight-string ukulele instrumentals.

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The Dirtbombs: Ooey Gooey Chewie Kablooey

This is an album that wants to play in a basic pop-music vocabulary, and succeeds, but the rewards of that success are limited.

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Baudouin de Jaer: Compositions for Geomungo and Gayageum

His compositions are less astringent and more melodic than the classical Korean tunes I've heard on these instruments.

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‘30 for 30: Big Shot’: Hockey, Money, and False Promises

Johne Spano fooled everyone. The fall, rise and fall of the New York Islanders.

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23 Oct 2013 // 8:30 AM

Lurrie Bell: Blues in My Soul

Nothing fancy here, just a back-to-basics blues album from a longtime pro.

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Captain Howdy Still Terrifies in ‘The Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Edition’

Forty years after the original release of The Exorcist, this extras-heavy release looks and sounds incredible and makes for one more terrifying journey into the unknown.

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23 Oct 2013 // 6:30 AM

Anarchy Is Not Dead: “A Mask of Anarchy”

The story has a truly human heart, both valves pumping furiously. In its bivalve core, it’s about all of us, our quality of life, our ability to stand up to power and what helps us to get there.

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