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Wednesday, April 6 2005

Egg Story

The simple truths hidden within this book make it an ideal gift for yourself or a friend who might feel ground down by this not-so-friendly world.

Amazing Rain

While the technique is simple and almost child-like, Brown's sense of composition and perspective display artistic talent that might not be immediately apparent to all.

Wednesday, February 23 2005

Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days

Vaughan and Harris insert yet another facet of reality into the fictional world of comic book superheroics, one that has gone largely overlooked: politics.

Fallen Angel

She is very unlike the usual female protagonist: she drinks, she smokes, and she kills.

Thursday, February 10 2005

Bone: One Volume Edition

This story is for anyone who is a fan of family-friendly quest adventures.

Burn, Christmas! Burn!!

We, the consumers of capitalist society, are complicit in and just as responsible for all the oppression that our culture exports.

Thursday, January 27 2005

The Wang: The Big One

The Wang is heinous in the extreme, not because of its content, but because of the offhand manner in which it is presented.

It disappears

It disappears is constructed around an obscure personal symbology that is nearly impenetrable.

Baraka and Black Magic in Morocco

Neither Rick nor Tania makes the mistakes that make Westerners, and especially Americans, disliked overseas.

Thursday, December 30 2004

Fatal Distraction

The audience is invited to reassemble the diverse strands of conflicting pictorial information and synthesize their own meaning out of it.

Owly: The Bittersweet Summer

One of the most charming aspects of the work is that it tells a wonderful, engaging story without falling back on gender stereotypes.

Cubes and Ladders

The ending of the story radically redefines its boundaries, turning what had seemed to be a series of single-issue, comic vignettes into a surreal psychological study.

Wednesday, November 10 2004

Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 4

As with the great Sam Raimi directed films, Aunt May is given room to develop into a three-dimensional character and not just be the victim that Spider-Man needs to rescue.

Identity Crisis #1-4 (of 7)

If the comic book medium is to differentiate itself from reality TV or the like it needs to draw the line somewhere.

Carnet De Voyage

Carnet De Voyage is special in that it gives you a glimpse into the mind of the young, wandering artist, always with a sketchbook and pencil, filling page after page with drawings of the world around him, not wanting to miss a single thing.

Thursday, October 14 2004

Daredevil Volume 8: Echo—Vision Quest

When you look deeper, subtle aspects of the artwork come to life, making you wonder how you didn't see it at first glance.

Harry Johnson #1-2

Audiences are more and more content to laugh at mindless buffoonery without any real punchline, and lazy writers and directors are more than happy to give it to them.

Supreme Power Vol. 1: Contact

Whether mockery, parody, homage, or something else entirely, Marvel is reinventing their own number one competitor, and doing it in brilliant fashion.

Optic Nerve #9

Tomine questions traditional sexual values, asking us the readers to engage this question and to answer individually.

Wednesday, September 1 2004

Eightball #23

While forcefully shattering the architecture of the superhero comic, each author has, in their most famous pieces, lovingly preserved the foundation from which to build upon.

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