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Tuesday, September 20 2005

Drawn Out

Nace's style may alienate average comic book readers, even the more sophisticated ones.

Tuesday, August 16 2005

Sticky #1-3

Sticky proves worthy of attention even if you aren't looking for sexual stimulation.

Wednesday, August 10 2005

Nat Turner #1

Baker forces the reader to confront these terrible images and leaves no room to distance oneself from the pain his characters experience.

Thursday, August 4 2005

Owly: Just a Little Blue

Like an unexpected surprise or a beautiful day off, Owly is the perfect way to bring a smile to any reader's face.

Tuesday, July 12 2005

Dracula vs. King Arthur #1

With such different characters, such different stories, the writers have the opportunity to do some interesting and fresh work.

Friday, June 10 2005


Where does the reluctant warrior go when the war ends?

Wednesday, June 8 2005

Bizarro World

Traveling the less-trodden path of the 'alternative' usually rewards. The concept of letting alternative creators play with their favorite DC Comics characters is a refreshing change from the mundane DC world.

Friday, May 20 2005


We can't blame DC for giving the fans what they want.

Thursday, May 19 2005

Promethea #32

It's good to know that Alan Moore is still with us.

Tuesday, May 17 2005

Daredevil Vol. 11: Golden Age

These two moments in time move towards convergence, as the story of Bont's rise and fall dovetails with Daredevil's career as a superhero.

Friday, April 29 2005

Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers and Monsters

Women, like men, are capable of appreciating more subtlety, more complexity, more nuance and less predictability in stories and characters.

Evenfall #7

Stathis' series has the potential to develop into an intelligent, insightful psychological study in the guise of a story of magic and myth.

Wednesday, April 6 2005

Egg Story

The simple truths hidden within this book make it an ideal gift for yourself or a friend who might feel ground down by this not-so-friendly world.

Amazing Rain

While the technique is simple and almost child-like, Brown's sense of composition and perspective display artistic talent that might not be immediately apparent to all.

Wednesday, February 23 2005

Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days

Vaughan and Harris insert yet another facet of reality into the fictional world of comic book superheroics, one that has gone largely overlooked: politics.

Fallen Angel

She is very unlike the usual female protagonist: she drinks, she smokes, and she kills.

Thursday, February 10 2005

Bone: One Volume Edition

This story is for anyone who is a fan of family-friendly quest adventures.

Burn, Christmas! Burn!!

We, the consumers of capitalist society, are complicit in and just as responsible for all the oppression that our culture exports.

Thursday, January 27 2005

The Wang: The Big One

The Wang is heinous in the extreme, not because of its content, but because of the offhand manner in which it is presented.

It disappears

It disappears is constructed around an obscure personal symbology that is nearly impenetrable.

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