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Sunday, January 1 1995

9-11: Emergency Relief

This anthology might enrage you, or it might make you cry. With any luck it'll do both, and more -- because there is no single way to approach the aftermath of 9/11.

Love And Rockets #1-2 Volume 2

Brotherly Love Twenty years gone, and Jaime Hernandez’ Las Locas have lost none of their charm: Maggie still struggles with her waistline, Hopey still lives


The concept of an insane, rogue killer has so totally permeated our society that it is standard fodder for fiction, non-fiction, drama, and even satire. What does it say about us as a society when we have become inured to the thought of such random violence and death?

DC Comics Replica Edition: 100-Page Super-Sectacular Love Stories

Hothead Paisan, quite frankly, takes no shit from anyone. She is an unapologetically homicidal lesbian out to destroy homophobes, racists, and men who abuse women.

The Crusades

The book, 'Crusades', might be trying to rescue comics from the humdrum and stagnant world into which they've fallen. But, like the Muslims, the reader finds that the saviors can be worse than the fate they're being saved from!.

Marvel Boy

Comic books have seen dramatic changes since the Marvel Comics Group hit the scene in the '60s. We've seen the growth of the adult comic book audience as well as the amazing influx of international comics.

The Extended Dream of Mr. D

Doesn’t Go Gently Into that Long Night I never have dreams like Mr. D, even after reading books with extremely dense dream-logic. (Though, I

The Golem’s Mighty Swing

. . . offers a revisionist, realistic view of baseball's past -- and that of the nation as a whole . . . equating baseball and America is the kind of thing that's commonly found in nostalgic writing about baseball, but Sturm's novel goes deeper to reveal the divisions in America circa the 1920s.

Soundtrack: Short Stories 1989-1996

Abel proves that the storytelling is alive and well in comics.

Rising Stars

This makes 'Rising Stars' a deeply flawed super-hero landmark. But there is hope for the future. After all, the comic has been optioned for movie development and we might just get to see 'Rising Stars' done right -- or at least that much closer to Straczynski's visualization. Well, it certainly cannot get much worse.

New X-Men #114-117

The real danger, Grant Morrison seems to be warning us, is that the side fighting for freedom could become possessed by hatred, by the very evil, that it was trying to fight -- and in the process become a more dangerous threat to our deepest, most fundamental values than the original attack could have ever been.

Sin City

Continuity. It's as minor an everyday problem as watching a Cheers rerun one night where Woody Boyd is slinging drinks and the next night where his deceased predecessor Coach is alive, not giving a log about anybody named Woody.

Justice League Adventures #1-3

For a comic book publisher, the possibility of cross promotion is a distinct advantage of being part of a large conglomerate. So, when the Cartoon

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REVIEWS The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius (Oni Press) Artesia Afield (Archaia Studios Press) The Authority (Wildstorm Comics) Avengers Forever (Marvel Comics) Avengers Forever

Blanche Goes to Paris

'Blanche' owes much of its genesis to the society novels of the early 1920s, following much of the same formula: girl travels to strange foreign place, has adventures (usually of the bohemian, artistic type) and then escapes to safety or marriage.


There is a particular sub-genre of science fiction -- Let's call it Riddle. In Riddle, the protagonists are simultaneously fulfilling a quest and seeking the nature of the quest.


PopMatters Comics Feature by Stefan Economou - When Charles Schulz announced that he was retiring Peanuts after almost 50 years, the tone of the media reportage was as if a distinguished and now-doddering senator had shuffled out of his chambers for the last time; i.e. a respectful salute to the end of an institution.

Murder Me Dead

American comics have become so closely associated with the super-hero, it is difficult to imagine an American comic which does not feature a muscle-bound protagonist clad in spandex and tights.

Berlin: City of Stones, Book One

It seems as though Lutes seeks to restore individuality to the citizenry of Germany, to show them as humans trapped in a bizarre time rather than just recurrent global villains. He wants to display the 'truth' about Germany, regardless of 'fact'.

The Authority

That theme of loss and heartache echoes throughout the issue.

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