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Wednesday, May 21 2003

PopMatters Comic Book Feature

PopMatters Comic Book Feature by Michael David Sims - At the very least, it'll get you in the door, which was the purpose of the whole thing to begin with.

Wednesday, April 16 2003

JSA: The Unholy 3

With the great power at their disposal, they choose not to take over the world but help to destroy the greater evils around them and are prepared to sacrifice their own lives without a second thought.

Fables: Legends in Exile

He is essentially doing what Alan Moore has done so well in the past: reinterpreting timeless stories and mining them for new and interesting insight.


Norrie has struck out on her own as a writer, telling an true-to-life story about relationships and how they fall apart.

Monday, March 31 2003

Strange Kiss

An exercise in splatterpunk.

Spider-Man: Blue

Loeb and Sale deal with a period of Spider-Man's history that most current readers aren't even aware existed.

Parliament of Justice

It is a story filled with lust, hypocrisy, violence, misguided intentions, questionable justice, and questionable motives. In short, it is a very human story.

Vertigo Pop! London #1-4 – My Generation

Vertigo Pop! London is more about growth than aging, and accepting changes for what they are: life experiences.

Wednesday, March 19 2003


Ellis' tale gives the reader an intriguing glimpse into a strange reality that is as human as it is futuristic and fantastic.

The Goon #1-3

A delightful romp through a pseudo-Depression Era world.

Daredevil #38-40 – The Trial of the Century

So why should it be a surprise that superheroes, at some point in their careers, would have their star fall?

Rawhide Kid #1-2

In most film, TV, and literature, gay characters are usually victims of prejudice and/or violence. The Rawhide Kid is anything but a victim. He may be fancy, but he can kick butt with the best of them.

Wednesday, February 26 2003

My Uncle Jeff

Hurd's debut work is a powerful document of family relations and the feelings that go along with them.

Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules #1-2

In 'Unstable Molecules', the group that started it all back in the early 1960s, 'The Fantastic Four', is reinvented for a new century. The question is if that's necessarily a good thing.

Thursday, February 6 2003

Fantastic Four Issues #60-64

While the outlandish villains, the out-of-this-world science, and the clobberin' remain, at its core this is a book about how four people can live, and love, and interact as a family, with all the pains and joys that brings.

Gotham Central #1-2—In the Line of Duty

These are the detectives that hurry to a crime scene after Batman's already done his (and their) job.

Elektra Lives Again

While the trappings may be ninjas and super-powers, at its core, this is a book about love and loss.

Wednesday, January 8 2003


What Rob Williams and Co. expose in this deftly written series is that power lies as far from the common man as is possible; it rests in the hands of the wealthiest elite.

My Friend Dahmer (a.k.a. Young Jeffrey Dahmer)

At the tender age of 12 Derf befriended Jeffrey Dahmer. He witnessed firsthand the downward spiral that created the monster we all know Dahmer to be.

Monday, December 23 2002

The Pro

The truth, as Ennis sees it, is that these superheroes, and the escapist mentality they represent, are obsolete.

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