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Monday, June 19 2000

The Explosion: Flash Flash Flash

The tattered punk-rock banner has been passed on to a few pimply faced teenagers from suburban New Jersey, and rock ‘n’ roll is a better

Einstürzende Neubauten: Silence Is Sexy

Many bands attempt to defy or destroy the established musical boundaries. Few succeed, and fewer still do so with the fervor and style of Einstürzende Neubauten.

Donna the Buffalo: Positive Friction

There are a lot of bands like Donna the Buffalo out there in America. Cranking up miles on the odometer, appearing at folk festivals hither

Deftones: White Pony

With their third full length release Deftones are continuing on a path to being the most important of the premiere alternative metal bands in the

DJ DB: The Higher Education Drum ‘n’ Bass Session

New York-based Brit, DJ DB, has spent many a year pioneering the drum ‘n’ bass scene on this side of the Atlantic and, with the

Car 44: Platinum Holes

It’s not often that I go ahead and sign up for a band’s mailing list when I check out web sites to prepare

Caustic Resin: The Afterbirth

Unlike fellow Idahoans Built to Spill’s knack for pop sensibility, Caustic Resin’s music sounds not unlike master tapes of riff repetition being dragged

Busta Rhymes: Anarchy

Busta Rhymes’ career path, from being the guy in Leaders of the New School with the truly unique voice and the rhyming method of hyper-articulation

The Allies: D-Day

Music critics these days are likely to write about the renaissance of turntablism as an art form, but hip-hop DJs still don’t get much

Monday, June 12 2000

Modest Mouse: The Moon and Antarctica

The scenario here is a familiar one. Guitar, bass, drums trio Modest Mouse, heroes of the indie scene and its self-appointed rock intelligentsia have signed with a major and everyone is mighty concerned that the band will turn sell-out and leave the kids sad and alone.

Gentle Readers: HiHoney

In the pre-Lilith Fair days, modern rock radio stations gave their fair share of space to such musicians and Juliana Hatfield and Liz Phair, and

Joanna de Seyne: Picture This

There’s a slowly forming new musical genre with the increased visibility of the diversity of electronica. This new genre encompasses everyone from its pioneers

Cross My Heart: Temporary Contemporary

We can only hope that the madness will end soon. I beg you, you fun little white boys with yr cute hair cuts that live

Monday, June 5 2000

    Tahiti 80: Puzzle

Tahiti 80 is pristine French pop crafted in the spirit of the ‘60s rock icons—like the Kinks and the Zombies—that the band so obviously

Fiver: Strings for Satellites

Strings for Satellites, the title of the second album from Modesto, California band Fiver, is an elliptical phrase that has the sort of poetic ambiguity

Matt Bruno: Punch & Beauty

This is a reissue from the people who brought you one of the best CDs of last year in June and the Exit Wounds: a

BT: Movement in Still Life

There is no reason for BT to not be a star. With his amazing gift for mixing hip-hop, electronica, and rock into transcendently danceable music,

Belle & Sebastian: Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant

Okay, all you latter-day hipsters. Time to crawl out of those garrets and make haste to your local record shops. The new Belle & Sebastian

Archers of Loaf: Seconds Before the Accident

I need to open this review with a caveat. I love the Archers. Well, I loved the Archers. I had the pleasure of seeing them

Asia: The Very Best of Asia: Heat of the Moment (1982-90)

When Asia formed in 1981, the odds were certainly against them in their quest for commercial success. With the music industry in a transitory period, rock

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