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Saturday, December 31 1994

Pop Unknown, Summer Season Kills

Imagine for a moment a balloon slowly rising through the air. It moves up through the sky until suddenly a sharp blast of wind knocks

The Prescriptions: Why We Don’t Rent to Women

The Runaways they’re not, in fact they’re not even the Donnas, or the bassist from White Zombie for that matter, but what the

Louis Prima with Keely Smith, Breaking It Up!

Last Friday I was channel surfing and happened to notice “Jump, Jive & Wail” playing in the background on teeny sitcom “It Takes Two.” If

    Jesse Powell: JP

I read a piece recently that cited JP to back up the all too common assertion, “They don’t make soul records like they used

    Primitive Radio Gods: White Hot Peach

In the summer of 1996, Primitive Radio Gods intrigued, then annoyed, everyone with “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand”. An unlikely

    Pleasant Grove: self-titled

Pleasant Grove have nothing going for them except the fact they are, well, pleasant. Mellow to a fault, their acoustic rural rock says little and

Pizzicato Five, Playboy & Playgirl

Japanese pop is a hot commodity these days (think Cornelius and Fantastic Plastic Machine) and its prime representatives are back with a disc full of

Pop Star Kids: This is Pop Star Kids

Perhaps, in your post-Y2K sigh-of-relief-contentment-mode, you thought that the eighties were behind you, never to resurface again. You thought that Kajagoogoo, neon Converse, and

People Under the Stairs: Question in the Form of an Answer

If you believe MTV, Rolling Stone and other mainstream music media outlets, West Coast hip-hop is of the “gangsta” variety, the whole Death Row scene

Pete Palladino: Sweet Siren of the Reconnected

Does anyone here remember the ‘80s? Not the quaint, punk rock record store ‘80s depicted in the sorry spin-off That ‘80s Show, but the highway

Archer Prewitt, White Sky

Archer Prewitt gets around, man, like so many of his colleagues in the post-rock Chicago scene. Of course, you all know him from The Sea

Poster Children: DDD

The last year has been the most prolific period of Poster Children’s long and illustrious career.

Pinback: Some Voices

With so many bands out there creating music, it’s incredibly simple for bands to slip under the radar of even the most attuned music

Jaco Pastorious: self-titled

Twenty-four years ago Jaco Pastorious released an eponymous debut that collectively positioned the mouths of the jazz world in a state of permanent slack-jawed awe.

Pitchshifter: Deviant

It’s not often you find yourself trying to have a dialogue with an album as you’re listening to it. The songs don’t

Louis Prima: Wild, Cool ‘N Swingin’

There’s no sign of an end to Louis Prima mania, but just for the record, few are more deserving of the overdue appreciation. By

Chichi Peralta: De Vuelta al Barrio

Chichi Peralta’s De Vuelta al Barrio is a very pleasant surprise from a record company in the Cayman Islands. Sr. Peralta is a talented

    Project K: Testing Underway

Project K’s Testing Underway is fun, but that’s about all it is. With sarcastic vocals and laid-back instrumentation, Project K sounds less like

The Pretenders: Learning to Crawl

This review of one of the best albums of the ‘80s was originally written 22 March 1984. Those stars of stage, records, and rock videos, the Pretenders

Primer 55: Introduction to Mayhem

This is the hardest band I’ve ever heard. From their press release: “I don’t know if you’ve ever been to downtown Memphis,”

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