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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Melodine: Appreciation

Melodine is the brainchild of vocalist, all round musician and songwriter Evan Frankfort, and those who pay attention to such details will recognise his name

Mollycuddle: The Best Place For You

The Best Place For You, the most recent CD EP from Mollycuddle, is one of those releases that’s hard to write about. No, it

Alanis Morissette: MTV Unplugged

I want to invite Ms. Morissette down to my local coffee shop. Sister’s is a quaint hole in an arty cube, much like any

    Matmos: A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure

Since their self-titled debut in 1997, Matmos has been making both the most intelligent and the most listenable electronica around. Their genius lies in substituting “natural”

Delbert McClinton, The Ultimate Collection

Delbert McClinton’s music has always been tough to classify. I’ve found his albums in the rock, blues, country and even the easy listening

    Mott the Hoople: Live Dudes

Of Mott the Hoople, ex-frontman Ian Hunter once remarked: “That band could have been the biggest band that ever was. It was all ass-backwards—it

    Medicine Drum: Supernature

In 1995, percussionist Chris Deckker and producer Andy Guthrie hit upon a very simple but remarkably effective formula—combine some of electronic dance music’s more

Michal: Sky with Stars

You’re bound to live a different childhood than your peers when you begin to play classical piano at six years old. You know you’

    Hendrik Meurkens: New York Nights

Born in Germany, harmonica player Hendrik Meurkens attended the Berklee School of Music and worked as a studio musician for many years before recording his

Mudhoney: March to Fuzz

Mudhoney have always been one of those bands that I’ve tried really hard to like but never could because nothing of theirs that I

Roy Montgomery, 324 E. 13th Street #7

You probably haven’t heard of Roy Montgomery, unless you edit the New Zealand Encyclopedia of Musicians or own a copy of the Pin Group’

    Millencolin: Pennybridge Pioneers

Hey, kids! You say you used to love Blink 182 until they “sold out” with Enema of the State (yeah, some sell-out)? You say Green Day

    Muse: Origin of Symmetry

To some, they were the band that would have been king. Just over a year ago, the now-defunct British music magazine Select boldly went where

Frank McComb: Love Stories

Many people will be able tell you where they were and what they were doing when they learned that John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King,

Charles Mingus; Art Blakey & Thelonious Monk; John Coltrane

Mingus returns to his bass on The Clown and delivers one of his finest sets of compositions.

Mouse on Mars: Niun Niggung

From there, Niun Niggung becomes a bustling hive of percolating musical activity, offering the futuristic Wire-meets-Latin-Jazz samba number, “Mykologics” and the friendly solid-state tones of “

    Miss Fortune: self-titled

Fans of Jason Falkner, Jellyfish, Gin Blossoms, the Wallflowers and the Tories will be instantly attracted to the potent power pop melodies that reside on

April March, Chrominance Decoder

Last year Air proved there’s still plenty of relevance in the French pop genre and now American April March is chiming in with her

    My Favorite: A Cult of One

And now, let’s get back to My Favorite. When last we left them, they had released the Joan of Arc Awaiting Trial EP, which

Mary, Mary: Thankful

From its inception, the “black” Gospel tradition has only symbolically distinguished itself from the more secular forms of black music that have dominated American popular

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