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Saturday, December 31 1994

Oneida: Enemy Hogs | PopMatters Music Review

Upon initial examination, this group seems to have the potential to be one of those balls-out American rockers; sweat and engineer boots, a red handkerchief

Of Montreal, The Gay Parade; Olivia Tremor Control, Black Foliage

 Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage: Animation Music By The Olivia Tremor Control(Flydaddy) by Sarah ZupkoPopMatters Editor & Publisher Formed in Louisiana and now

    Oratory: Illusion Dimensions

The sticker on the CD says “Neo Classic Power metal with superb male and female vocalists”. How can you go wrong with that? Oratory is

P.J. Olsson: Words For Living

Combining a mellow neo-hippie sensibility with a hyperactive millenium groove, P.J. Olsson crafts positive party anthems for the post-slacker world on Words For Living.

Orange 9MM, Pretend I’m Human

Like a pipe cleaner snaking through the serpentine passageways of my mind, Orange 9MM’s new disc proves to be a godsend for this overworked

Optiganally Yours: Exclusively Talentmaker!

Ah, the limitations of a gimmick. It’s a likely story, really. Two guys discover a 1970s Mattel organ that plays back the sounds of

    The Ozark Mountain Daredevils: Time Warp: The Very Best Of

Neither as Appalachian nor as anarchistic as their moniker suggests, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils fashioned themselves as a more rockin’ alternative to mid ‘70s pap

    Oval-Teen: A Million Shades of Oval-Teen

Have you ever watched a talent show or a TV program in which you felt so embarrassed for the act you were watching that you

    Greg Osby: Symbols of Light (A Solution)

The danger of passing from Young Turk to Senior Statesman, a feat which Greg Osby seems to have managed without anyone noticing, is that your

Jeffrey Osborne: That’s for Sure

Perusing the current spate of male R&B singers, it’s very difficult not to get nostalgic. While artists like Rahsann Patterson, Maxwell, D’

Oasis: The Masterplan

Often unfairly labelled as mere Beatle copyists, Oasis have produced some of the best rock songs of the 1990s.

    O: Operatica: Volume 1

As you clever readers may have deduced, Operatica melds opera and electronica. Not that using opera in electronic music is an entirely new proposition, as

Oceania: self-titled

Since MARRS’ influential late-‘80s hit “Pump Up The Volume,” there have been many dance artists who brought world-music influences to western clubs. A break

    Old Time Relijun: Witchcraft Rebellion

For those of you who find no beauty, humor, or amazement in Captain Beefheart’s classic LP Trout Mask Replica, then I advise you to

    Odetta: Absolutely the Best

Odetta is such a unique artist and human being, in a country and an era that prizes individualism, I am sometimes afraid she is one

    The Other 99: At the Eleventh Hour

Bands like The Other 99 inevitably get compared to bands that came before them. In this case, you are supposed to be reminded of R.E

    Oneida: Come On Everybody Let’s Rock

The men in Oneida are incredibly serious when they invite everybody to rock. How on earth they manage to extend this invite without falling into

    The Orgone Box: self-titled

An orgone box is a device created by Wilhelm Reich to capture the energy of the universe, while The Orgone Box is a musical device

    Of Montreal: Horse & Elephant Eatery (No Elephants Allowed): The Singles & Songles Album

Diehard Of Montreal fans must be dizzy with anticipation at the news that the Athens, Georgia popsters next album will be a 70-plus minute concept


I’ve been known to frequently trumpet the virtues of underappreciated Nashville pop. Now Owsley comes along with a major label debut that should help

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