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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Love: Forever Changes

 Served my time, served it wellYou made my soul a cell —Arthur Lee: “Live and Let Live” They’re locking them up todayThey’re

Landing: Centrefuge

If music could be heard across the plains of the Serengeti and the sounds possessed the ability to dictate the mood of tigers, you might

    Ladytron: 604

For the past few years the term “‘80s revival” has retained a somewhat narrow definition, usually reserved for Cyndi Lauper, Boy George and other wash-ups

    Ronnie Lane: Live in Austin

Of course, the sad irony is that Ronnie Lane, the sparkplug of both The Small Faces as well as The Faces, isn’t live anywhere.

Longwave: Endsongs

Recalling the earlier days of Radiohead and jangly-guitar work of U2, Longwave’s debut Endsongs possesses a dark subtlety that is fascinatingly challenging in light of most of today’s empty modern rock.

    Laika and the Cosmonauts: Absurdistan

There was a brief moment in popular music in America when an instrumental song by the Ventures or Dick Dale wasn’t out of place

Amel Larrieux: Infinite Possibilities

Way back in 1995 a group called Groove Theory had a moderately sized hit with a track entitled “Tell Me” taken from their self-titled debut. “Keep

    Rob Lamothe: Wishing Well Motel

For those who prefer their music to come from the heart rather than the music-by-numbers book, Rob Lamothe’s latest album Wishing Well Motel is

    The Lies: Resigned

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that a plausible mission for artists everywhere was to make life even the tiniest bit more enjoyable for those who encounter

    LaTanya: self-titled

R&B is selling hugely—but some mourn the death of subtlety and soulfulness. Neo-soul rectifies that—but can be too retrospective and short

    Cyndi Lauper: She’s So Unusual

So, let’s get one thing straight from the get-go: I am an unrepentant ‘80s music whore. I go beyond the “I love this song

Mary Jane Lamond: Làn Dùil

I have no problem admitting it: Ashley MacIssac, the drug-addled, fiscally irresponsible pariah of the fiddle world, blew my socks off with “Sleepy Maggie” a

Lemonpeeler: The First Time

Boston might not seem like the most promising origins for a band that could fall within the rubric of alt-country, but then, not so long

Jared Louche and the Aliens: Covergirl

Loyalists will recognize Louche as former front man of industrial rock heavyweight Chemlab. After abandoning the drug-addled combo for a life on Wall Street, Louche

    Lupine Howl: 125

With roots in the long-established traditions of psychedelia, soul, blues, and even gospel, and yet still light years ahead of their peers, Spiritualized were without

    The Ladybug Transistor: Argyle Heir

Have you heard of the Ladybug Transistor? Their album The Albemarle Sound was named as one of the top 100 albums of 1999 by both WNYU 89.1 FM

    Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: The Tyranny of Distance

In this, the second decade of Ted Leo’s career as a rock musician, he remains true to his original sound: poppy, at times punky,

The Lapse: Heaven Ain’t Happenin’

Echoing from underneath the shadows of more ominous bands like The Van Pelt and Blonde Redhead, these two ex-members of the aforementioned groups, who call

Live: The Distance to Here | PopMatters Music Review

Maybe it’s the extreme doses of cold medication swimming through me, rendering my brain and functionality quite slow and sloppy, or maybe it’s

    The Limes: Turn Your Lights Off

Like their fruitier namesake, The Limes may be a bit green, but the flavor and tanginess they offer are worth a try. On the first

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