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Saturday, December 31 1994

Snailhouse: Fine

Snailhouse is Mike Feuerstack of the Wooden Stars, playing pretty acoustic guitar and singing letters to former friends and could-be lovers in a voice that

    Roosevelt Sykes: Raining In My Heart

Don’t let the Peter Max-inspired cover art to this collection fool you. This disc contains the kind of music that leaves the listener wondering

Sneakster: Pseudo-Nouveau/Fifty-Fifty

Putting Sneakster’s Pseudo-Nouveau/Fifty-Fifty on the boombox is like entering a sonic room. It’s multidimensional music, and sounds come and go all around

Smith & Mighty: Big World Small World

Smith & Mighty have had their fair share of bad luck over the years. Their classic, groundbreaking covers of Bacharach & David’s “Anyone (Who

    Shakeh: Running

The bravest Borders show I ever saw: a defiant brunette and her tambourine player, dancing and wailing for four people who were alternately bored, dwindling,

    Starch Martins: Dressing up the Failure

Starch Martins have a cool name, CD design, and website. However, their sound isn’t quite as compelling. But that’s what you get when

Starmarket: Sunday’s Worst Enemy

Sunny chord and smooth melodies interwoven with fuzzy guitars and punchy drumming has proven time and again to be a winning combo not unlike lunch

Shades Apart: Sonic Boom

Remember about six years ago, someone kept programming a punk-rock cover of “Tainted Love” on your neighborhood pub’s CD jukebox? That was by Shades

    Jessica Simpson: Irresistible

The ‘90s ended in a blur of blonde. Cute young singers with golden locks and terrible lyrics filled the airwaves and battled for superstardom. At

Sunny Day Real Estate: The Rising Tide

Before I get to The Rising Tide, Sunny Day Real Estate’s new release, let me set the stage. From the beginning SDR was cloaked

Maggie Sansone: A Traveler’s Dream

Maggie Sansone is the founder and current owner of Maggie’s Music, but she’s also the first musician on the label. She is widely

Sting: Brand New Day

Since his first solo effort, The Dream of the Blue Turtles, released in 1985, Sting has been pumping out polished pop for 15 years. Many listeners miss

Sister Sonny: Lovesongs

Everyone writes love songs. No one knows what popular music will sound like 30 years from now, but anyone can figure out what its dominant lyrical

    Sunday Flood: Advisory

Wow, I listened to Sunday Flood’s Advisory and I truly thought the world was going to end! I mean, really, could everything be, like,

Steely Dan: The Royal Scam/Aja

Steely DanAja(MCA) by Mark Zeltner steelydan-aja-royal.jpg First it was the Eagles. Then it was Fleetwood Mac. Now Steely Dan, the most enigmatic of

    The Shiv: Short Order Crook

The combination of highly volatile hydrogen gas and a tiny electrical spark was all it took to create the massive explosion that brought the mighty

Otis Spann: Best of the Vanguard Years

Unlike his label-mate and sometime collaborator, James Cotton, Otis Spann’s output does not stretch evenly into his later years. That may not be a

    Stryke: Staying In: A Journey Inwards

Florida-based techno DJ Greg “Stryke” Chin takes a break from the dance floor and gets mellow with Staying In, a blend of ambient, trip-hop, breaks,

Sigur Rós: Agætis Byrjun

Critics don’t quite know what to say about Sigur Rós. Those who like them either go over the top with praise, calling

Savath and Savalas: Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey

I lived in Japan for a little over three years. My travels were always by train. I would sit in the cramped confines of one

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