David Bowie: Five Years (1969-1973)

David Bowie: Five Years (1969-1973)

By Chris Gerard

David Bowie presents a lavish box set containing classic albums that have been carefully remastered for amazing sound clarity. 6 Oct 2015 // 2:30 AM

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11 Nov 2009 // 9:59 PM

After the Prophet by Lesley Hazleton

This will be held up as a primer for grasping the modern-day Middle East — mainly in Iraq but Iran, too.

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The Secret Policeman Rocks!

It pains me to suggest that watching The Secret Policeman Rocks! is akin to swallowing a tablespoon of humanist medicine...

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11 Nov 2009 // 9:58 PM

Katsen: It Hertz!

It Hertz! is a decent, if inconsequential batch of synth-pop frivolity.

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Prins Thomas: Live at Robert Johnson Vol 2

There's a track on this compilation called "Giorgio Carpenter", seemingly equating Moroder with Christ. Prins Thomas expertly carves out idols like this and more on his latest eclectic mix.

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William Fowler Collins: Perdition Hill Radio

Black metal and dark ambient come together to create a wholly unique element of sonic fright on the laptop of William Fowler Collins.

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11 Nov 2009 // 4:34 AM

The Good Soldier

The familiar format of The Good Soldier helps to underscore what's extraordinary about the veterans' stories.

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11 Nov 2009 // 3:26 AM

POV: The Way We Get By

The Way We Get By focuses on the troop greeters' mix of loneliness and determination, the pleasure of feeling needed and the pain of growing old.

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10 Nov 2009 // 10:00 PM

The Human Condition

It’s a testament to both Kobayashi’s work and the feelings of the Japanese people after WWII that such a harsh attack on Imperial Japan was made at all, let alone that it succeeded at the box office.

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One Step Beyond by Terry Edwards

Edwards' inside scoop on the story of the making of the classic Madness debut disc is, much like the album itself; a little unusual, a bit nutty, and quite brilliant.

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10 Nov 2009 // 10:00 PM

Wale: Attention Deficit

Insecurity, bulimia, infidelity, intra-racial discrimination, self-loathing and coked out, aspirational celebrities: welcome to Wale's coming out party.

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//Mixed media

Notes, Hoaxes, and Jokes: Silkworm's 'Lifestyle' - "Ooh La La"

// Sound Affects

"Lifestyle's penultimate track eases the pace and finds fresh nuance and depth in a rock classic, as Silkworm offer their take on the Faces' "Ooh La La".

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