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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Tom Russell: Borderland

As Tom Russell sees it, there are two types of borders: geographical and personal. The former is an arbitrary line on a map that divides

    Rainbow: The Best of Rainbow: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection

Rainbow’s founder Ritchie Blackmore is perhaps best known these days for two rather dubious achievements: he wrote the most pedestrian—and most memorable—guitar

Retriever, Greatest Moments Of Doubt

Not your typical Orange County pop-punk band, Retriever drench their tunes in layers of distortion, while never losing their strong sense of melody. Frontman Kevin


Rialto’s self-titled debut picks up where Pulp’s 1996 classic Different Class left off—offering glam-influenced Britpop and vivid lyrics presenting snapshots of 1990s lower-middle

Steve Roach: Light Fantastic

Steve Roach seems to be a very eccentric person. Not only does he have dozens (literally) of albums, but they’re all significantly different. He

Royal Trux: Pound For Pound

Hagerty and Herrema’s latest tour de force (and their ninth full-length), Pound For Pound bursts at the seams with fuzz and grit and cigarette

Rites of Spring: End on End

What really defines a generation? Is it the politics of the day? Is it the pop icons clad on the covers of entertainment rags? Is

Bill Retoff: Reanimation

Competition for attention as an artist is fierce. Artists send out promos, press kits and letters screaming about the significance of what lies in their

Ray Paul: The Charles Beat

When The Knack hit #1 with “My Sharona” in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s, it was a really exciting time for a lot of bands skilled

    Phil Ranelin: Vibes from the Tribe / The Time Is Now!

Two good reissues here. Try this for size—hard hitting free jazz, a touch of psychedelia, world music flourishes, funk basslines, Mothers of Invention vocals,

Rialto: Night on Earth

Night on Earth may be Rialto’s sophomore effort, but, in truth, the movers behind this British band have been involved in the Brit-pop music

rhBand, First Tone

With effects in full force, rhBand brings us their third album, First Tone. It comes at just about the time we’ve all become a

Royal Crown Revue, The Contender

The gangster shtick may be a bit too much for some, but don’t let that fool you, behind the slightly kitchy image lurks one

Red Elephant: More Sounds From Spaghetti Westerns

There’s a lot to be said for novelty. You can listen to a record that reeks of intuition and distinction and probably hear one

Sun Ra: reissues

Sun Ra was one of jazz history’s great outsiders. Although he single-mindedly led variously named Arkestras continuously from the mid-1950s until his bodily

    Ruby: Altered and Proud (The Short-Staffed Remixes)

Trip-hop’s Ruby first appeared on the scene in 1996 with Salt Peter and rode the wave of the minor hit “Tiny Meat”. After a five

    Rae & Christian: Sleepwalking

From the über-self-referential beginnings of “Blazing the Crop” (sample lyric: “Rae and Christian / Blazin’ the Crop / Don’t stop y’all till the break of

Remy Zero, Villa Elaine

With very little fanfare, Alabama-bred Remy Zero have done the near impossible—they’ve squeezed some originality and drop-dead beauty out of the standard guitar band format.

    Patti Rothberg: Candelabra Cadabra

(Cue clichéd opening sentence.) Once in a blue moon, an album arrives on the shelves that literally defies all categorization. I genuinely prize

Red Monkey: Difficult Is Easy

Hmm. After seeing an awesome, intense performance by Britain’s Red Monkey a while back at The Oven, I dearly want to rant and rave

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