On Friedrich Nietzsche's Early Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual Development

On Friedrich Nietzsche's Early Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual Development

By Matthew Snider

The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche is a carefully considered and well-paced biography that knows exactly how much it intends to say and doesn't aspire to take on any more than is necessary. 27 Sep 2016 // 8:30 AM

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The Woman Who Fell from the Sky: How a New Yorker Resembles a Giraffe, a Third Sex

This is not Sex in the City 2 -- there are no shopping mall sprees in Abu Dhabi. On the other side of Arabia's peninsula, women vanish into black ghosts, rarely seen in the light.

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Black Prairie: Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

Three-fifths of the Decemberists ditch Colin Meloy's narratives (and nerd-bugle vocals) to craft an authentic and meticulously played progressive bluegrass record.

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20 Jun 2010 // 10:00 PM

Trauma Team

Trauma Team deviates from the Trauma Center formula by placing the emphasis squarely on the characters of the game.

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Etran Finatawa: Tarkat Tajje / Let’s Go!

It's dry-boned music, moving along with the lollop of Tuareg guitar on one hand and clicking pat-a-cake percussion on the other.

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Mighty Baby: Tasting the Life: Live 1971

Heralded by late-60's UK scenesters for onstage improvisational journeys into jazzy, eastern-influenced rock and loose country-boogie jams, the psychedelic progressives of Mighty Baby are captured in full flight.

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20 Jun 2010 // 9:57 PM

John Morales: The M&M Mixes

One half of the renowned '80s DJ crew M+M Productions is immortalized in this essential rarities collection.

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‘Leverage’ Season Three Premiere

In the world of Leverage, only skullduggery and courage can lead to justice.

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‘The Gates’ Series Premiere

In The Gates, Claire's a bit too much of a desperate housewife (yawn). But she's also a bloodsucking monster.

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19 Jun 2010 // 1:49 PM

DLabrie: MR. NETW3RK

Diverse Bay Area rapper drops debut LP. Mistah FAB, M-1, and Zion-I guest appear.

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The Internal Tulips: Mislead into a Field by a Deformed Deer

On Mislead, The Internal Tulips mine their own unique field of haunting, spectral beauty.

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20 Questions: Rachael Yamagata

// Sound Affects

"After a four year break since her last album, Rachael Yamagata reveals a love of spreadsheets, a love for Streisand, and why it's totally OK to suck at playing guitar.

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