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26 August 2003

Clare Burson, The In-Between (self-released)
This Tennessee native has a previous EP to her credit, but her solo debut, judging by her clear and crisp voice on the first verses of "Where You Are", will keep her in the music loop for a while. With musicians who have worked with Lucinda, Emmylou, Nanci and The Dixie Chicks, Burson is confident from start to finish. "Tonight" brings to mind a Southern Natalie Merchant, mixing a bit of folk with a lot of Americana. Newcomer Kathleen Edwards also comes to mind as Burson sounds a bit weary but forges on. "Another Day Down" is a roots pop tune that has some great lap steel guitar. "Hold On" gives Burson another moment to show why she should be a name to remember. It's a gentle melody with lyrics that are heartfelt. "You Got Me" should definitely get the listener's attention although the backing arrangement is a bit lightweight. If there's a fault to her style, it's probably that Burson too often doesn't veer much from her musical nest. The title track might be the exception as it builds over time. "Don't You Do Me" sounds like an early Parisian track with a slight warble to it and its use of accordion. "Too Much For Me" has her going out of the box and it pays off. There isn't any "in-between" when listening to this very capable newcomer.
      — Jason MacNeil

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