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26 August 2003

Dubtribe Sound System vs.Chillifunk, Heavyweight Soundclash (Shadow)
This CD is one half of the double set that came out on Chillifunk a year ago and should serve as a perfect introduction (for an American audience) to the West London house sounds of Lofty and Dr. Bob Jones (Chillifunk/Eastwest Connection) that had such a big impact between 1998-2001. Tracks like "The More I Get" and "Love Music" paved the way for the UK soulful house scene in its current form and although, in truth, these versions added little to the originals (by Teddy Pendergrass and Sergio Mendes, respectively), they had real energy and it is hard to listen to them without getting sentimental about Southport Weekenders and various soul nights when Dr. Bob and others first played them. They sounded so fresh and vibrant. Actually, they mostly still do. So, if a mix of Latin, house, and soul grooves is your thing, and if you are acquainted with California's Dubtribe, who have made the most of their remix and sequencing task, then even out of context this is a pretty fine set. The Terry Callier tracks are a bit forced but other than that this is cafe bar/club fare of some style and grace. Smooth and summery, nu-soul dance owes a lot to these tunes -- check them out.
      — Maurice Bottomley

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