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19 August 2003

Flashlight Brown, My Degeneration (Hollywood)
Just under 30 minutes and with nearly a dozen songs, Flashlight Brown's sixth album (yes, they are not new!) is brimming with two and sometimes three-chord rock ditties such as the opening "Ready to Roll". Lead singers Matt Hughes and Fil Bucchino, Flashlight Brown waste little time making this a feel good party punk time in the vein of Rancid or a Celtic-less Dropkick Murphys. "A Freak" isn't as melodic but just as catchy, bringing to mind high moments of each Vans Warped Tour. "Patricia" recalls Simple Plan with a jerky stop and start format that is infectious. The middle portion doesn't pack the same oomph, with "Whoa Man" coming off as Weezer b-side material. "Lose the Shades" is much better as Hughes and Bucchino throw in dual vocals into the chorus lead-up. "Praise the Day" has singles material written all over it as the melody, despite the cuss words, is still worthy of airplay. "Looking Away" is also strong, bringing to mind Sum 41. Overall it is a very good if short punk album.
      — Jason MacNeil

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