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19 August 2003

Quintron, Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? (Three.One.G)
Quintron is one man and his organ playing a mish-mash of spacey soul, funk and new wave. He is backed by Miss Pussycat (who does her part by shouting over almost every song), but other than that Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? is indeed a solo affair. While Quintron is talented, as his creation of a new instrument, "The Drum Buddy", would indicate, it's hard to tell how seriously he takes songwriting. On one hand the boy can play, and he's clearly paid attention to every record released in the '70s. On the other, he sounds like someone who listened to the Beastie Boys' The In Sound from Way Out!, took a bong hit, and then tried to reproduce it with his girlfriend while listening to Stevie Wonder. So while there are highlights like "Teenage Antoinette", which would indeed make the Beasties proud with its simmering soul funk beat, all too often there are inane cuts like "Place Unkown" or "Mud Bugs". Those two songs sound like something that wouldn't make it to the disco floor in the '70s. The odd thing about Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? is that almost every song features the best and worst of Quintron. It seems that all nine tracks manage to include at least one memorable beat, sound, or groove. Each track also manages to include at least one twenty- or thirty-second segment that will make you cringe. Unfortunately, those highlights are not enough to make Quintron sound like anything other than a bad Stevie Wonder imitator fronting Luscious Jackson.
      — Adam Dlugacz

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