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19 August 2003

Various Artists, Slip'n'Slide Ibiza 2 (Slip'n'Slide)
Don't be put off by the Ibiza tag. This is lightweight, dancefloor friendly house with lashings of jazz-funk. In fact, this type of house music reminds me very much of jazz-funk as defined in the late seventies (i.e., quality disco). Blaze, Black Beatniks, DJ Spen, Amira, and Deep Dish are all on hand, so though there are no surprises, there are no real let-downs either. If you like Blaze's "Breathe" (track two), the chances are you will enjoy the whole set. Can't say it's an essential purchase, though. Over-familiarity is starting to breed a little contempt, I'm afraid. And there is something relentlessly "happy" about the project that is more package holiday than Pasha's at sunset. Good for parties and driving away from work but a bit lacking in that something extra which raises it above the crowd. "Sun Will Shine" (Black Beatniks) and Lisa Shaw's "This Time" are worthy records but have sounded more wonderful elsewhere. Pleasant enough, then, but Slip'n'Slide have done a lot better. Try their Jazz in the House 11 for something truly magnificent.
      — Maurice Bottomley

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