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11 September 2003

Calibretto, Dead by Dawn (Standard Recording Company)
Swiftly re-monikering themselves Calibretto after they switched from Tooth and Nail Records to their present label, Standard Recording Company, the band formerly known as Calibretto 13 drops their first seven tracks as Calibretto for critic, fan, and novel peruser alike in the form of Dead by Dawn. Lyrically, the album is mused by Halloween and camp B-Movies, but perhaps more directly inspired by Joseph Whiteford's cynical, yet brazen view of society, the "scene", and his relationship with God. With talk of eating babies, husbands killing wives, and an all-around dark aesthetic, Whiteford and Calibretto have intentionally set themselves apart from their previous CBA ilk. Musically, the album strays, yet continues on the same path as previous Calibretto efforts. Dead by Dawn mixes early Violent Femmes acoustic guitar-driven pop with an overly quivering and snot-nosed Whiteford inflecting his vocals not unlike Connor Oberst's. Most of the previous Calibretto pop-punk feel has been replaced with an indie sensibility taking various forms of dark instrumentation (organs, chimes) and a heightened sensitivity to oddity.
      — Jeffrey Ellinger

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