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18 September 2003

Don Everett Pearce, Brutish Little Ballet (self-released)
Don Everett Pearce is not only influenced by Bob Dylan he kinda looks like him too -- his press photograph displays a mop of dark fuzzy hair not unlike his idol back in the day. However, analysis of Pearce's hair is quickly overshadowed after a listen to the eight songs on this self-released debut record. Sounding like a mix between Dylan, The Stones and Van Morrison, it's an absorbing listen. Opener "Let Love Come Out of Time" is a fabulous slice of jangly pop-folk, while "Almost a Valentine" is a cleverly-written tune with a great melody line. The walking bassline of the atmospheric "Looking For Water (in Joshua Tree)" adds to the wonderful eeriness of the song and the diversity is complete with the bluesy "Bootleg Whiskey". The whole album has artistic feel of a record conceived and made into reality by an independent songwriter in a really organic way. No doubt the advent of the Internet has aided artists like Pearce immensely, and proves that talent and ability will out, with or without a major-label record contract.
      — Andrew Ellis

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