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23 September 2003

Fine China, You Make Me Hate Music (Tooth and Nail)
Some bands don't just wear their musical influences on their sleeve; they practically have them face-painted on. Fine China is one of those bands, and from the first bar of You Make Me Hate Music it's a safe bet that the various band members have one or two Smiths albums and maybe a couple of Cure records in their collections. Listening to the album eerily recalls pop music's greatest pessimist, Morrissey and with song titles like "The World Wants Me Dead", the Arizona four-piece imitate their idol with consummate ease. However, amongst the strangely familiar melancholic tones and drab atmosphere of songs like "Your Heart Was Made of Gold" it's difficult to shake the feeling that Fine China's music and talent are somewhat hindered by the omnipresent influence of their record collections.
      — Andrew Ellis

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