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11 September 2003

Gameface, Four to Go (Doghouse)
Gameface's latest album, Four to Go, came out on Dogface records -- home to surprise-hits the All-American Rejects, and one of the many reputable indies from which Gameface has released their various full lengths, EPs, and 7" Singles. On their sixth full album since forming in 1990, Gameface still sound undeniably solid. They consistently produce hook-driven rock with punky beats and heartfelt vocals. Singer Jeff Caudill has a tendency to sound like a young Rob Thomas. He should work on this because he's got a passionate and emotive voice, one that should sound like his own. Drummer Steve Sanderson comes from an older generation of punk-style drumming. He stands out as an exceptionally skilled musician with rhythms that take a prominent position at the front of each song. Rather than just providing a beat around which the band rallies, Stevenson often leads with his aggressive but intricate playing. Four to Go does not break new ground. It runs too long toward the middle of the record with a few tracks passing the five-minute mark; however, Gameface's latest addition to the post-hardcore scene will be much appreciated by the fans they've earned since the beginning of their career 13 years ago.
      — Christine Klunk

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